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Libertarian Studies - The discovered truth.

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The Discovered Truth Racism is often caused by the ignorance of people who are unfamiliar with one another's ethnic cultures and race. Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior to other races. Racial profiling is one form of racism. Many people who are not of a minority group think that racial profiling is not a big issue, or that racial profiling is necessary. This indifference, among people who are not of a minority group, is caused because it doesn't affect them or their way of life. However, racial profiling is a very big issue today. Racial profiling targets minorities based on generalizations, insignificant stops for the wrong reasons, and cops excessively abusing their power from assumptions. Many people believe that Police officers use deadly force only when necessary. For example Michael Levin who is a contributing editor for Libertarian Studies, labeling every police-minority altercations as racist is unfair. He notes that police have more encounters with black suspects because blacks commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes. ...read more.


According to the New Jersey attorney general, seventy- seven percent of the drivers stopped and searched by state police are Black or Hispanic, but only thirteen point five percent of motorists on the state's highway are Black and Hispanic (U.S., Today). Levin however believes that "Racial profiling is a perfectly proper response to what even the staunchest libertarian will regard as criminal. Blacks commit a disproportionate amount of all forms of violence against persons and poverty" (Levin, Pg.2). Yes, I agree that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime, but blacks only make up thirteen percent of the United States population. For example, blacks make up thirty five percent of drug arrests (U.S., Today) so who are the other sixty- five percent of suspects who are arrested with drugs? The majority of the United States population is white; therefore, it is only fair that the majority of drivers who are pulled over in traffic stops should be white people. ...read more.


He was never given a ticket or cited for erratic driving. Instead, Randolph reports, an officer would approach his BMW, request his license and registration, and ask if he had any drugs or weapons in the car. Randolph states that the only reason he has been stopped so often is because police are suspicious when they see a black man driving an expensive car! He asks, "Would they pull over a white middle-class person and ask the same question?" (Roleff, Pg.2). This situation is an explicit example of generalization and the harassment by police officers of an innocent and respected man because of the color of his skin. The United States is the land of freedom; opportunity and we are a divers nation. In spite of that racism still exists, and remains a serious problem today. Racial prejudice or racism should not remain a central problem confronting the United States today. We are all human beings of God's creation and should learn to accept each other. Everyone should be treated equally at all times and in all situations. We need each other to make the country a better place for everyone to live in. ...read more.

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