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Life after death.

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Life after death Christianity has been around for two thousand years. Christianity is also a monotheistic religion in which they believe in One God. However they believe God is three gods combined into one God. Christians believe the three Gods are God (the father), Jesus (the son) and the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is believed to be the Son of God and the messenger of God, as Muhammed is believed to be the messenger of god (Allah). Christians believe that the father of Jesus was God as he was born from the Virgin Mary. She was the mother of Jesus Christ. Christians also have a holy book, which is called the bible. Christians accept this book to be the perfect word of God. Christianity in fact is the world's major religion and has millions of followers all around the world. First of all I would like to talk about Christian funeral services and then further aspects of life after death. A funeral marks the end of a human life on earth. It is also an opportunity for friends and family to come and say their goodbyes and to express their grief, to give thanks for the life which has now been completed its journey on earth and to commend the person into Gods keeping. ...read more.


There are different major Christian's groups which are Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Conservative Protestants and Liberal Christians (non-conformist). Roman Catholics believe that when a person dies, their body starts to decompose while the soul leaves the body and is immediately evaluated in a Particular Judgment. There are three possible destinations to after the judgment: Heaven, Purgatory or Hell. Heaven will be a reward for those at the highest ranks whose love for God has been perfected in this life. However only a few Christians will qualify for this path. The second destination available is Purgatory (a state between heaven and hell where people are prepared for heaven). This is where most Christians believe they will be sent to after the Particular Judgment even though they aim to perfect their love for God so they can go straight to Heaven. Christians will enter Purgatory if they die in a state of grace but loves God. Here in Purgatory they will suffer for a time in order to cleanse themselves of their imperfections, sins and faults. However if friends and family of a dead person offer masses, prayers and other acts of piety and devotion then the stay for a person in purgatory can be shortened. ...read more.


Most liberals also concept of hell as a permanent place of punishment and torture for anyone. As you can see there are many different Christian beliefs about life after death but all vary from each other one way or another. Sometimes people don't like to think or talk about death. Most people are afraid of death. One reason is that we have no idea of what's going to happen when we die. Fear of the unknown can be much worse than fear of what we know. People say Children are never too young to learn about death, it will help them to respect life even more. I agree with this statement because if a child doesn't know anything about death he wouldn't know the importance of life on earth and how it would affect your life after death. But different people have different opinions; some say talking about death could make a child less afraid as they will know there is a life after death and they would be reassured that they will see loved ones again, one day. Others say talking about death to a child at a young age could make them fear death, feel guilty constantly and worry about hell and worry that their loved ones may not go to heaven. Qaiser ali 11s4 R.E ...read more.

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