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Life Issues

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Section C: Life Issues Prejudice and Abortion a) Some women are discriminated against in today's society because in many cultures they are made to stay at home to look after children and are expected to be 'slaves' to their partners. This shows how many women are seen as inferior because they are made to work for men. Also, women are discriminated in many professions as jobs are refused to many women and given to men equally qualified. Also, many religions or cultures believe that women should be separated from men, like for example in Islam women are expected to pray in a different room and many are not meant to be around men unless they are related. It is also a rule that women cannot be a religious leader in many religions. For example, women are not allowed to become rabbis in Judaism and in Islam; women are unable to be religious leaders. ...read more.


c) I think that if a women's own health is at risk and there are problems with her or the baby during pregnancy, then the mother has the utmost right to abort the baby. This is backed up by this quote, 'An abortion may be the right course because of the social circumstances of the existing family or the mental or physical health of the mother,' Methodist Church. Many Christians also follow this view that if the mother or child is going to be hurt or disabled in life because of the pregnancy then why have the child when instead of caring for it, it is unloved. Another argument for abortion is if the child is conceived through rape or the mother does not want the baby because either the father has deserted her or she has other commitments in life like a career then the child is left unloved. ...read more.


problems. d) Liberations is a Roman Catholic movement that started in the 20th century in america and is for people that express religious faith by helping the poor and working to help people in need and change the way society works socially and politically. It began when bishops attending the Latin American Bishops' Conference confirmed rights for poor people and declared that richer nations were making themselves rich whilst the third world countries suffered. The movement follows the, Theology of Liberation, which was written by a priest from Peru. problems. e) This proves that all Christians should be pacifists because Jesus himself has said that people should not have to resort to violence of any sort. Jesus also says that he can ask his father who will send angels down to help in any trouble. The Bible shows that Jesus did not choose violence but he does not run away from a conflict, but he will try and come to an agreement to sort out any problems. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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