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Lifelong marriage is too difficult even for Christians today. The Church should be willing to drop this vow, do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view.

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3. "LIFELONG MARRIAGE IS TOO DIFFICULT EVEN FOR CHRISTIANS TODAY. THE CHURCH SHOULD BE WILLING TO DROP THIS VOW." DO YOU AGREE? GIVE REASONS FOR YOUR ANSWER SHOWING THAT YOU HAVE CONSIDERED MORE THAN ONE POINT OF VIEW. "Lifelong marriage is too difficult even for Christians today..." I believe that this is a true statement for everybody that considers being married. Everybody knows that the aspects of marriage is very difficult and there is know such thing as a perfect marriage, but I feel that this is no excuse that the Church should be willing to drop this vow. It is all part of marriage. Marriage is a very hard challenge for a couple and people who have no trust or faith could be the people that cause the breakdown of marriage. ...read more.


Another reason would be false hopes, (this is when people get the wrong picture of married life and decide that they do not want to live with a commitment). Human nature is a major factor as many people change in weather it be their action's or feeling's over a space of time people change, and the most common reason is children. Many couples break up when they can not support a child. All these reasons lead up to the final part of marital breakdown, divorce. The Catholic Church does not see divorce as a feasible excuse for a couple to break up as it is a valid contract between two baptised Christians and is regarded as a sacrament. ...read more.


Annulment and Separation are the red herrings of marital breakdown as they are only granted in special situations. Annulment In the exceptional case of an annulment the church classifies the marriage as unofficial and therefore not legal. There are grounds on which an annulment can be granted these include: * One of the partners not consenting to the marriage in the first place * One spouse not understanding the implications of what they were doing when they married * The marriage not being consummated - no sexual act took place. * Separation though this may be the most painful, but necessary answer to a marriage that has become unfeasible. This can lead to a civil divorce without any blame being dealt to either partner. In this way certain legal rights, the care of the children and any inheritance can be protected. ...read more.

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