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"Lifelong Marriage is too difficult even for Christians today. The Church should be willing to drop this vow."

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"Lifelong Marriage is too difficult even for Christians today. The Church should be willing to drop this vow." Religious Education Marriage Coursework Question 3 When one looks at the above question, one may be able to agree with this statement without much consideration. But look at the question more closely, in particular, the last three words-drop this vow. 'The love of man and woman is made holy in the sacrament of marriage, and becomes the mirror of your everlasting love', this quotation spells out what the sacrament of marriage is all about. ...read more.


Availability of divorce is much too easy in society today, one simply has to apply and fill out a few forms. There is not enough encouragement for couples to work through their problems and difficulties. Apart from family and relatives encouragements to sort out their difficulties, there is not enough outside groups to give advise on how to stay together. There is not enough marriage crisis support groups. I believe that dropping this vow is completely wrong and unjustified simply because of the fact that the vow has been around for over 2000 years and has been upheld by the Church for so long. ...read more.


In marriage, the couple represent the Church, so in this way if this vow is dropped and the couple can break up, it represents the Church breaking up and the Lord's love of the Church breaking up. On the other hand, I can agree with this statement because there are extreme cases where the welfare of one partner may be in danger. Cases where the wife is being subjected to brutality and unfair treatment can justify divorce. On the whole I believe strongly that the vow should not be dropped, but I feel that if there is a justifiable reason for divorce then a divorce can take place after some sort of advice from the Church. ...read more.

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