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Light Shining Out Of Darkness

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Light Shining Out Of Darkness This poem is based on the wonders of god, and his magnanimity. The poem was written in 1772 by William Cowper. Cowper's image of God is such a magnificent and regal one. It is as if he is so amazed by this god, and his brilliance that he had to write this poem to share it with the world. The title immediately says something about his image of god: that he is the light in a dark and clouded tunnel. The first stanza is introducing god, and starting to build up the reader's vision and idea about god. 3rd and 4th lines: "he plants his footsteps in the sea, and rides upon the storm." ...read more.


So, the 2nd stanza is about how god has a superior way of thinking to humans, and this is where he "...works his sovereign will." He works his will in this magnificent place; his will being 'sovereign', regal and supreme. The 3rd stanza is trying to persuade non-believers to believe in god, and worship him. Cowper says that those who believe in God will be rewarded by him. He says that God will not be angry and uncharitable to those who have not previously believed in him. He will be big with mercy, and bless them. The line: "Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take..." shows that this poem is pre 1900's because of the language used, and the word order. ...read more.


This stanza, which is the 5th, says that the bad in the world all takes place as part of god's 'providence'. His caring plan has everything worked out, and this bad has to happen in order to let the good prevail in the end. In the last stanza, Cowper shows that he knows the thoughts and points of the atheists. He knows that it sounds unconvincing, that there is a 'God' of the world who no present day person has any proof for. He know that it is unbelievable that this 'caring' god could let this amount of wickedness happen in the world, but he says that gods ultimate plan is way too superior and sophisticated for our human brains to understand. He knows and understands the point's people bring up, and he is saying that it will all become clear in the end. POETRY JOURNAL Light Shining Out Of Darkness May 2001 ...read more.

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