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Livable Wages to American Citizens

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Livable Wages to American Citizens By Kimberly Whitfield OGMT 338 - Business Law Cohort- Delta 26 Facilitator - Mr. Ben Allen September 21, 2005 Livable Wages to American Citizens Americans today are suffering from increases in rising prices in everything, yet the minimum wages take years for an increase. This is an injustice, especially to the underclass society. The government should implement a system to insure that all workers are paid "livable wages". Livable wages are the amount of income needed for a family to meet its basic needs without using public assistance. Public assistance policy discussions often include the term self-sufficiency. Different meanings are associated with the term, depending upon who uses it. One might argue that no American is truly self-sufficient in that we each rely on not only our own resources, but also on public services, benefits from fiscal and monetary policies, and the contributions of friends, family members and others to our economic well-being. ...read more.


The proportion of African Americans, Native Americans, Asian American- Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics living in poverty increased from 1979 to 1989. That proportion decreased slightly for whites (Hudson, 2002). The federal poverty level is a threshold income limit that varies according to family size and composition and is adjusted each year. All persons living in a household with a total annual income below that threshold dollar amount are counted in the 100% poverty statistics (Hellriegel,2002). According to Federal reports, "the U.S., the economy is considerably more robust than it was just a few years ago when job growth had outpaced job loss and unemployment rates had dropped". But these economic measures do not tell the whole story. Not all the new jobs are full-time nor do they offer the same wages or benefits that, for example, traditional manufacturing jobs did (Jacob, 1990). How are typical wage earners and their families actually faring in the marketplace today? ...read more.


Two parents with both working outside the home and two children Geographic Areas * Statewide average for all states Families experience tremendous stress when they earn less than a livable wage. They are forced to go without essentials and can end up in a deep hole of debt with no opportunities for advancement. The Augusta Chronicle, a local newspaper in Augusta, Georgia had an article relating to the newly designed Bankruptcy Laws. This article clearly brought clarity to the number of Americans filing for bankruptcy due largely to poverty and lack of livable wages. According to Kiyosaki, "Low wages also strain our economic, social, educational and public health systems". Working people should be able to independently survive without turning to public assistance programs or other means of filling their income gap( Osland,2001). Employers, policy makers, and others working for the public good should seriously consider these livable wage estimates for their region and take appropriate actions to meet the basic needs that everyone deserves. ...read more.

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