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Living In a Plural Society.

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LIVING IN A PLURAL SOCIETY INVESTIGATION In Britain today we live in a Plural Society in which many people of different religions, backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, opinions, colours of skin and walks of life live. In our country by law, we must respect other people's religious, ethnical, cultural and other beliefs and opinions, and due to this we must accept all aspects of this. In particular, religion affects people's beliefs and opinions as well as the way they act, their lives and the way they live it. In Britain, we have many people with different religions and ethnic minorities due to immigration and asylum seeking. We as citizens of this plural society are not by any means obliged to believe or be a part of a religion, which has its own theories, beliefs and opinions, but we are obliged by society to respect the people who do have religious beliefs and obligations, and to respect someone does not require an effort and is a simple task, but for many they can't seem to grasp the concept. To be prejudice or discriminate against a person because of the way they live their lives and their beliefs concerning religion is religious persecution. This can sometimes be verbal and physical harassment which leads to upset of the person being discriminated against, as they have done no wrong and feel irritated because they are treated differently for practising a basic human right to be entitled to their own beliefs. ...read more.


In each case the purpose is to divest oneself of craving and sense of self. In some sects it is believed that a bodhisattva can transfer his merit to a supplicant and so aid him to nirvana. In those cases the Buddhist becomes very much like a worshiper petitioning God for grace and mercy. CHRISTIANITY God To Christians, there is only one god. They believe god was the creator of everything; the universe, human beings, animals and all land features. To them God is the person they go to in heaven when they die along with his son Jesus, who is amalgamated with god to create one holy spirit. God affects them in their every day lives, and they pray to him for forgiveness, happiness and other issues. Salvation and the Afterlife Christians do not have a very difficult concept to understand about the afterlife. They believe that one a person dies, their spirit goes to heaven if it is free of sin, and will live their for eternity. They believe that heaven is the only positive place to aim for when they die, and if they have done wrong and have sinned in their lives they go to hell, where Satan himself lives. But, they do believe that one day in the future, judgment day will arrive, where god will judge every man and creature alive on their souls, and those free of sin will go to heaven, and our world will exist no more. ...read more.


Worship Hindus have a magical and legalistic notion that one can acquire spiritual "points" through contact with all manner of holy objects and persons; that is by and large the Hindu notion of grace. At least among the uneducated an image of a family god is kept in the house, and villages generally have their local icon as well. Animals such as cows, monkeys, and snakes are revered. Certain rivers--the Ganges in particular--are thought holy, and bathing in them is thought to improve one's karma. Even among more intellectual Hindus certain portions of scriptures are memorized and chanted, sacred stories are acted out in plays and songs, and gods are prayed to in an ecstatic manner. Holy men are highly revered, and in serving them Hindus hope that some of their holiness will rub off and aid them to salvation. CONCLUSION To conclude, people of different religions have different beliefs, which affect their thoughts, opinions, the way they live their lives and the way they look upon the holy one, themselves, the world and others. This really affects our society, as we have mixtures of opinions, and there must be respect between all people. This means that rules need to be in place to ensure everyone is treated the same and that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. ...read more.

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