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Looking at poverty.

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The world includes less developed countries and developing countries. Less developed countries are countries considered to be poor and often contain many people who are in absolute poverty. Developing countries are countries like India, which are gaining in wealth. There are two types of poverty within the world. Absolute poverty is where people don't have enough money to provide standard living conditions for themselves and characteristics of substandard lives are disease, malnutrition, and low-life expectancy. Relative poverty is where a person is considered poor in relation to the average wealth held in their society. Poverty is a major problem within the developing world. The developing world holds 75% of the world's population yet only 20% of the world's wealth. ...read more.


Therefore due to lack of resources the situation gets worse. It affects their inhabitant's lives causing a lack of production leading to being unable to provide for citizens. In turn leading to poverty, as they cannot even provide substances to trade and lose money. Other factors that affect the lives of citizens are lack of clean water and standard education. Lack of medical aid also affects the country badly. An ill and uneducated workforce forms the basis of a weak, demoralised nation. These factors also lead to poverty. Frequently, when a country in the developing world is struggling economically they appeal for aid from organisations like the international monetary fund or the World Bank. ...read more.


All the factors are linked. For example, world debt will mean a lot of poor people who cannot provide an acceptable living standard for them. They become ill and illiterate and again the country cannot recover as it has a weak workforce. Therefore the countries are kept in poverty. Muslims have the idea that no-one in the world should be in poverty, people who are rich should give money to the poor so the entire world can be equal Christians think that people should have to work for their money but also be helped if they are in poverty. I think that unless you are in poverty due to unchangable circumstances such as natural disasters or deaths of loved ones then you should have to work for yourself and not rely on others. ...read more.

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