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"Lourdesis too commercialised" Do you agree or disagree?

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"Lourdes is too commercialised" Do you agree or disagree? Lourdes is a centre of pilgrimage that is known throughout the Christian world. However, it is a place of two contrasting halves. One is the serene, holy and special place that is the main basilicas and the main features of the actual site of the pilgrimage. The other is the highly commercialised, profit-orientated area. This is full of souvenir shops and hotels, not associated with the church, but out to make a profit. There are two very different approaches to Lourdes, some highlight the commercialism in negative way, and others choose to see the positive merits. ...read more.


After all, it is ones personal choice to go into the shops and buy things. People that oppose this positive argument for commercialism often say that the things for sale in the shops are verging on blasphemous and should not be allowed full stop, they are tacky and are sold for extortionate prices. Away from the religious side, the commercialism has brought nothing but good things for Lourdes as a community, the local economy receiving a substantial boost not to mention the jobs created. Many would argue that there is no getting away from the commercialism and that we should not let it affect us, after all the events that took place at Lourdes are far too important to be affected by it. ...read more.


my house shall be called a house of prayer'; but you are making it a robbers' den" I personally believe that Lourdes is not too commercialised. I think that it can be forgotten and that the real purpose of Lourdes is for physical and more importantly spiritual healing. People have their own choice about whether to let it detract from the experience, some even say that it helps. Obviously, it is a matter of personal preference, but I believe that if someone truly believe in the events that took place here, the they can see that their importance far outweighs the negatives of the commercialism. ...read more.

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