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Luke tells of four kinds of miracles: 1. Jesus calms the storm2. The man with demons3. The widows son at Nain4. The centurions servantJesus calms the storm(Luke 8:22-25)

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MIRACLES COURSEWORK A miracle is known to be a wonderful and surprising event, believed to have been caused by God. In my opinion a miracle is something that happens that seems beyond belief. A miracle can be personal, meaning that you might think something is a miracle that no one else does e.g. my father got the job. It's a miracle. Christians believe that a miracle is an extraordinary , super natural event , believed to been created by God. In Luke gospel there are several scriptures describing how Jesus was presented as a worker of miracles. Luke the gospel writer was a doctor , this meant he had scientific knowledge and he was interested in people. He lived after Jesus ,he learned about Jesus from Paul. He must have been interested in Jesus attitude towards sick people. He writes more about the miracles than anyone else. He presents Jesus as a healer, a compassionate, and a caring person especially to outcasts. ...read more.


* Jesus met a man with demons inside of him, the man said, "do not punish me" * The demons begged Jesus not to send them into the abyss, but to send them inside the pigs * Jesus did what they had asked, the farmer saw what had happened and spread the news. The man is an outcast rejected by everyone. Jesus attitude to him was healing because he accepted him. Finally only god has power over evil so Luke is saying here is someone who has the power of God, is God The widows son at Nain(Luke 7:11-15) * Jesus and his disciples arrived at a gate where a funeral was taking place, the dead man was a son of a widow. * Jesus told the women to stop crying * Then he touched the coffin and told the man to get up. * The dead man got up and began to talk to his mother. Jesus attitude in this scripture is helping and courageous. This kind of miracle is showing power over the dead. Jesus raised a dead man. ...read more.


Paedophiles people are bad because we stay away from them. HIV people are good because we want to care for them and help them. If we are followers of Jesus we shouldn't care how sick they are and just have enough love to share. Many Christians have carers where they help people. E.g. doctors, nurses or counsellors. People do this because their love for others means they would like to live out their Christian commitment. The sacrament of the sick is a healing sacrament. The priest visit's the sick person and anoints them with oil and reads prayers to strengthen and comfort them. They do this so that sick person can feel part of the loving community of the church. People who are sick or troubled might make pilgrimages to Lourdes. Their faith and the faith of the thousands who go to Lourdes is strengthened by being together in that place where Mary appeared to Bernadette. Lourdes is a famous place of pilgrimage in Southern Frances. Lourdes is known as a place of such divine intervention. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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