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Man has made God in his own image

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"Man has made God in his own image?" Not all Christians believe the same thing. Therefore they all have different images of God. Christians haven't made God in their own image in the sense that they believe God is Omnipotent (all-powerful) and no man is all-powerful. They also believe God is Omnipresent (everywhere) and no man is everywhere either. They believe God is Omniscient (all knowing) and again no man is all knowing! They believe God is eternal (he will go on forever) but we all know man cannot go on forever!! They believe God comes from above and is 'removed' from this world-Transcendent yet again no man is Transcendent. ...read more.


The bible has no other description of God other than this statement this makes it hard for them to see him as anything other than a man. Christians see God as a Father figure, a protector, provider, caring and teacher of values this is something most if not all fathers do for their children and peers. "Belief is a result of your environment" Not all Christians believe the same thing, and not all Christians were brought up in the same environment! So I believe that a persons beliefs are influenced by the beliefs of others around them-their environment. Especially for younger adults and children because they have not matured and often can't think entirely for themselves so they follow loved ones and their feelings. ...read more.


This is because we respect our elders and believe what they tell us. When two Christians believe different things and get talking one could come up with a very convincing reason to change their mind and that's because of their environment at that time! This is not always the case because your family may believe in one thing e.g. They are racist, and this is what you are bought up to think is right, but as you mature you may follow your heart, believing its wrong, or you may meet someone of a different culture, and what you have heard and believed about what they are allegedly like isn't true at all! Also I believe that your beliefs are what you feel in your heart because everyone is an individual with freedom of choice. NICOLA PANNELL R.E Mrs Brown ...read more.

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