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many programmes portray religious people as "out of touch."One example would be the character Dot Branning from the BBC1 soap opera, Eastenders

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Eastenders Coursework If someone were described as "out of touch" I would define them as being unaware of current issues and advances in technology. It also means that you are out of touch with many more of the simpler things to life. Not being able to communicate or socialise with other people can be seen as "out of touch." Someone who is "in touch" with the modern world, would therefore be the complete opposite; they would know some fashion and music, as well as are up to date with current affairs and advances in technology. They would probably have only a few moral values in life. Some people would argue that many programmes portray religious people as "out of touch." One example would be the character Dot Branning from the BBC1 soap opera, Eastenders. Chain-smoking Dot is a religious woman, with an endless capacity for the latest gossip. From her position in the launderette, she keeps a watchful eye over Albert Square. ...read more.


He attends church three times a week; contributing to seven congregations, just to be on the safe side. He belongs to a Bible-study group and keeps notes stuck on his refrigerator. Like many believers, he thanks God for things as small as a beautiful day. Even Ned admits that most of the time he is "about as exciting as a baked potato." On the other hand, television doesn't always portray religious people as "out of touch"; there are many programmes that show religious people as "in touch" with the modern world. One example is Geraldine Granger, from The Vicar of Dibley. The Vicar of Dibley is one of many religious-themed sitcoms. The character is kind-hearted, fun, chocolate-loving, joke-cracking vicar who is like breath of fresh air and immediately became popular with the villagers. She is definitely not out of touch and great fun to watch. Another character not represented as out of touch, is from the film Sister Act. ...read more.


If a character is religious and "in touch" with the modern world, they are usually in a comedy, and to be laughed at rather than be serious. Although, I do think that religious characters are usually in the heart of most soap communities, as they bring culture to a programme. I do not think this portrayal of religious people is right. I think this because many religious people can still have faith but still be in touch with the modern world. Someone having faith does not make them different to someone with out, like someone who is black skin is no different to someone who is white. We should not discriminate colour or creed. This portrayal can also mean that the younger generation and other viewers can stereotype all religious people to being "out of touch" with the modern world. It teaches people that someone with faith is different; this is can later cause many conflicts, like today. In some ways having faith is better as it means many people look for comfort and it also gives people morals to live in a modern society. Riaz Rampuri 11c2 ...read more.

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