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Mark refers to Jesus by different titles. Explain the meaning and significance of these titles for Jesus' first followers and his followers today.

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Mark refers to Jesus by different titles. Explain the meaning and significance of these titles for Jesus' first followers and his followers today. To discover the essence of Jesus' identity we have to study the different titles and look into the relevance of each one. Jesus' titles show many aspects to his character and hold a lot of significance. I feel that to understand the identity of Jesus I have to discuss and understand his titles. His main titles are: 1. Son of God- This title is used no more than eight times in Mark's gospel and it is used to emphasise the special relationship between God and Jesus. 2. Son of Man- This is a very ambiguous title in the sense that it can be interpreted to mean two very different things. 3. Messiah / Christ /Anointed One- These three titles have the same meaning. Jews most often used this title. 4. Saviour- this title is used to show the authority that Jesus has over sickness, demons and the forces of nature. 5. Son of David- This title shows Jewish authority as the Jews expected that their Messiah would be a descendant of King David. I am going to start by discussing the title "Son of God." Son of God Mark begins the gospel by referring to Jesus as the "Son of God." This title is used eight times throughout the gospel, which is relatively less than the uses of the other titles. ...read more.


I will prove to you then that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins." (Mark Chapter 2 Verses 9-10) 2. The Son of Man must suffer, die and rise again from the dead. Jesus knew that he would have to suffer in order to redeem the world's sins, and that he must die for the people on earth. This is shown when he talks to his disciples in Mark Chapter 8, and Peter disagrees with this but Jesus rebukes him and says: "Get away from me, Satan, Your thoughts don't come from God but from human nature!" 3. The Son of Man will appear at the end of time "seated on the right of the Almighty and coming with the clouds of heaven. Christians see Jesus as the Son of Man, and still believe that Jesus will eventually return to earth. When the early Christians saw Jesus as the Son of Man they would have had some trouble in working who exactly he claimed to be. Was he a mere man? Or was he a supernatural being? I feel that Christians today would not really refer to Jesus as the Son of Man because this is an intensely complicated title to understand. Christians today would be able to relate to his human side and would have aspired to be more like him. Messiah / Christ /Anointed One This title means anointed one in Hebrew and in Greek. ...read more.


He shows faith by persistently calling out to Jesus to acknowledge him. When he is able to see again, I feel that Bartimaeus overcomes his physical blindness but he already overcame his spiritual blindness by having faith in Jesus. Other Titles Used in Mark's Gospel Jesus Jesus means "God is salvation" and it was a fairly common Jewish name. Mark uses it regularly and it emphasises the humanity of Jesus. Jesus is shown as a man who carries out his life according to God's will and this would encourage other Christians to follow in his example. Lord The Greek word for Lord is "kyrious" which can mean "sir" or "master", and is used very frequently in Mark's Gospel. Although this title is given to Jesus after the resurrection it indicates that Jesus had godly authority over all things. King of the Jews This title is only used during the trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate and at the Crucifixion. This title was used by the Jews to tease Jesus. When Jesus is about to be crucified the soldiers jeer at him: ""Long live the King of the Jews!"" (Mark Chapter 15 Verse 18) In conclusion: all the titles that Mark uses contribute to us being able to understand the character of Jesus and his mission on earth. I feel that the most effective title that is used to describe Jesus is "Son of God", because this emphasises the most on the special connection between God and Jesus and this acts as a powerful tool to help Christians to follow in Jesus' footsteps and see him as an example of goodness. ...read more.

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