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Marks Gospel teaches us in many different ways about the nature of discipleship,

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Marks Gospel teaches us in many different ways about the nature of discipleship, it shows us what the disciples sacrificed, believed, received and did for Jesus. It teaches us that a disciple is a follower of someone's teachings or beliefs. What was unusual about Jesus' disciples was that they were ordinary men. Jesus saw that by being fishermen meant that they were courageous, Their jobs as fishermen could have been dangerous if a storm brew while fishing. The disciples needed the same courage to be a disciple because it would be dangerous to be a follower of Jesus. Also by choosing fishermen who were only simple men, Jesus shows that anyone can be a disciple. The first four disciples were brothers; this meant that they would be loyal to one another, which would be essential to be a disciple. Brothers love one another unconditionally which they would need this love also to be a disciple. By being brothers they would also be used to working together which was very important because they would be working together to spread Jesus' message. ...read more.


He also asks the disciples to be his companion and to learn from him. Jesus changed Simon's name to Peter, in the Old Testament if you were to change someone's name it meant they had been given a special task. When Jesus sent out the twelve he sent them out in pairs, 'and sent them out two by two' ( mk .7). This meant for protection, safety and also companionship. They were instructed to go out and share the good news; he also told them what to take with them 'a stick-no bread, no beggars' bag, no money in your pockets. Wear sandals, but don't carry an extra shirt'. They were told to travel light so they would all be equal and not to slow them down. It also shows how discipleship is about depending on others and having faith in God. These instructions were somewhat harder than the others because they would have to sacrifice. The instructions Jesus gives to the disciple in Jesus appears to the eleven are different because Jesus has just been killed for doing exactly what he is telling them to do. ...read more.


Another point which reveals that disciples still have their faults is that they misunderstand "forget self" and "carry cross" in the request of James and John. In this passage Jesus shows us that discipleship is about suffering and to forget self; Jesus did this. Disciples are Christ followers and we should follow his example. In this passage 'Jesus heals a boy with an evil spirit' the disciples fail to drive the demon out because they under-estimated the power of faith and prayer. Jesus shows that faith in God is significant. The rewards of Discipleship are more worthwhile than anything they had sacrificed to be a follower of Christ 'anyone who leaves home or brothers or mother or father or children or fields for me...' 'he will receive a hundred times more house, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and fields (mk10 28-31) this explains that yes, although they left their family and homes...etc, everybody will be their family and everywhere will be their home because people will welcome them into their own homes. Also they 'will receive eternal life (mk10.31). By following Christ some sacrificed their life, but what this passage says is that they will receive eternal life with God. ?? ?? ?? ?? Laura Patterson Ao1 final ...read more.

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