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Marks Gospel

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Edexel Religious Studies Specification A Coursework 1 Marks Gospel. Unit P In this section of my coursework I am going to describe the persecution of Christians by the roman emperor Nero. Nero was emperor at the time 64AD and was rumoured to have started a fire to burn down the city of Rome and rebuild it. However when people started to rumour that it was Nero. He blamed it on the Christians. He decided to blame the Christians because they were easy to blame as they did not know much about the Christians and people often fear and hate people they do not know much about. Also the Romans didn't understand why Christians drank wine and ate bread in rituals. Another reason is that Christians were rumoured to be cannibals and ate babies! Nero killed and tortured Christians in many horrible ways. Tacitus said, "Mockery of every sort was added to their death" this suggests to me that Christians were killed uncivilised such as pouring tar and pitch over them and using them as "living torches" to light his chariot races. ...read more.


And earlier in my coursework I concluded that mark was writing for non- -Jews. Also another reason is that John the elder said "Mark having become the interpreter of Peter" as mark obviously stayed and wrote what peter said, and there is evidence that Peter preached and was crucified in Rome. This suggests Mark was in Rome and probably wrote his gospel there. In this section of my coursework I am going to explain how the example of Jesus might help Christians facing persecution today. I think the example of Jesus might help Christians facing persecution today because its crucial we do see Jesus suffer as a human being. There are many examples and indications in the gospel, which suggests Jesus, did suffer. For example in Mark 15 verse 19, it says, "Again and again they struck him on the head with a staff and spat on him" which suggests not only did Jesus suffer, he suffered considerably. ...read more.


Firstly I disagree with some parts of this statement but agree with other parts. I believe that some people will defiantly give there lives or suffer as Jesus did. Some examples of people that have suffered for what they believe are firstly Martin Luther King; he spoke for what he believed in ad was assassinated for it. Another example is Maximilian Kolbe, a polish priest who switched places with a condemned Jew and was starved and prosecuted by the Nazis. Another example was archbishop Romero who was gunned down during a prayer meeting for his believes. Looking at these people they were obviously willing to suffer for there believe and maybe suffer as Jesus did. I think we are expected to suffer but not to the extent as Jesus did. However some people may disagree with my view as in marks gospel it says and I quote " Take up your cross and follow me" this suggests Jesus did want us to do whatever it took to do as he did even if it meant death. Ryan Burns Candidate Number: 1021 Page 1 ...read more.

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