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Marriage and Family.

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MARRIAGE AND FAMILY E.L.F. ASSIGNMENT 4 A couple might want a religious ceremony because it is an expression of their faith, and it also follows the tradition of their faith. They might not want to have their wedding in a registry office, because to them it might feel like they are going behind Gods back. They would have a religious wedding so that they can share it with God, and not feel like they have any secrets or anything to hide. Many people think that a wedding in a church is important so that the people getting married are under the eyes of God and he will give then the love and guidance against thing's like marital breakdown and to give the couple the love and support for each other . ...read more.


They might have a religious wedding because they want to ask God's blessing on it. If they have a religious wedding then it shows that they want to do it in front of God to get his approval. They might want to have a religious wedding because they might feel like it starts a family in the right way. Some people believe that when children are born, they will be cared for in the best environment if their parents are married. The teachings of religions might guide parents in the way they bring up their children. Both Judaism and Christianity might help guide parents by teaching their children the Ten Commandments. ...read more.


This might create big problems when it comes to bringing up a child because both the parents will want their child to carry on with their own religion, which cannot be done because the child will get confused on the different upbringing between the religions. E.g. one parent might be Jewish, and so will teach the child to celebrate Jewish festivals like Shabbat, whereas if the other parent was a Christian, they wouldn't want their child celebrating Jewish festivals. However, I don't completely agree with that statement because there are some marriages in the world with people of different religions that have worked. The couples would just have to understand that they have different beliefs and they will both have to respect that. Daniella Mayes 10AMD ...read more.

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