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Marriage - Explain how the rituals and vows connected with Christian marriage might influence the differing ways that couples approach marriage and marital breakdown.

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GCSE Coursework: Marriage (2B) 1). Explain how the rituals and vows connected with Christian marriage might influence the differing ways that couples approach marriage and marital breakdown. (28 marks) 2). "For Roman Catholics sex is only right within marriage." Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have considered more than one point of view. (12 marks) Write no more than 1600 words on question 1 Write no more than 400 words on question 2 BY: James O'Connor FORM: 4 1). Most people see marriage as a sacrament that should be intended for life. It is often thought of as a deep way of sharing between a couple. Most people get married because it's a lifelong commitment, it's a way of bringing up children in a secure and loving home, a way to control and direct the sex instinct and a way of gaining a friend and companion for life. The main reasons for marriage and the attitudes towards marriage have changed in the last four hundred years. In the seventeenth-century, the main reason for marriage was so that the couple could have children. ...read more.


The bride, the groom and two witnesses who could be the best man and chief bridesmaid, in the vestry, sign the marriage register. The difference between a marriage in a Catholic Church and in a Church of England is that in the Catholic wedding one of the vows is to 'Love and obey', whereas in the Church of England wedding it is only used if the Bride requests it. This is because in the Catholic Church believe that obedience is more important than the Church of England believe it to be. The Roman Catholic Church does not believe in divorce because it takes the Bible literally when it says once a Christian marriage has taken place then the two have become 'one flesh'. They believe that marriage should only be ended by death and that divorce should not be aloud. The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is a sacrament and no human has the right to undo something made by God. The only time the Roman Catholic Church accepts impediments is when, in the eyes of the Church, the wedding never really took place and was not a real marriage, even though the couple went through a wedding service together. ...read more.


Other people may disagree with this statement. They might argue that some people may not ever get married but may still want children. Also if a couple have been together for a long time then they may be very responsible and be very committed to each other. They may also argue that the main reason for keeping sex within marriage in the past was that there were no sure methods of contraception available which meant the parents could reject the baby, but now it is possible to have sex without a pregnancy. They might also argue that sex and love are an important part of a non-marital relationship just as much as a marital one. My opinion is as follows. I agree with this statement because for a Roman Catholic, keeping sex within a marriage makes it part of a spiritual and religious contract. I also think that chastity is the best way to ensure a trusting relationship. Also, adultery goes against one of the Ten Commandments. I also think that keeping sex within marriage ensures an everlasting commitment to someone, which will ensure there are no affairs within a marriage. It also gives sex a special status. (397 Words) ...read more.

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