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Marriage in Christianity.

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Marriage In Christianity Before marriage in Christianity most Christians believe that being in a relationship is to get to know each other and see if they are strong enough as partners to get married and to continue the teachings of christianity to their Children. Christians believe that within a relationship sex is forbidded until marriage but some christians believe that if the couple both love each other them its OK. Christians beleive that marriage is really a life long committment. Christians say this because marriage wes created by God and that God made this to symbolise the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Holy Church. christians beleive that is part of Gods plan for humanity. There are different ways in which Christians get married, the most common method is getting married at church. Wedding customs in Christianity vary according to the famillies culture, race or ancestors. The reason they beleive that marriage should be for life is that it the best envioroment for the family to have children. In marriages the bride and groom would get married at the church with either sides family at the wedding to witness the marriage. ...read more.


"Ther is neither............................male noe female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galations 3:28). In my opinion men and women were created equally; they were made "In the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Therefore there is no real difference between them and they both should have equal opppportunities. Marriage is a sacred institution established by God for the primary purpose of bringing Him glory. It's main purpose is not, as some think to have companionship or to fulfill sexual needs. It's main purpose is to bring glory and honor to God. This mission by God can only be properly completed in marriage where the husband and wife are faithful, some Christians beleive relationship purpose is to glorify God by having children, raising them in a godly fashion, and sending them out into the world having trained them in the ways of the Lord. This is what marriage is for. It is outward focused (for God's glory), not inward centered (for comfort). This is how God set the family structure up. God made the first married couple in a certain order and gave them certain duties. ...read more.


In Mathew 5:31-32 Jesus teaches that man/women is only allowed to divorce if his/her partner has been unfaithful to him/her. yet in Mark 10:11-12 it says that divorce is not allowed at all in any circumstances. Christians have come to different conclusions on which they should follow. In the Roman Catholic Church it teaches that Men and Women may not get divorced but may live apart. This means that they both are still a couple and if they were to see other people as in a relationship they would be being unfaithful to their partner. They beleive that marriage is something special that is done by God and they do not have right to break it up. The only way for either of the partner to be able to remarry and have a relationship is if one of them die. Couples do have a choice of getting divorced without one of them dying but this would mean that they would get divorced without the agreement and recognition of the church. Other churches such as the Church of England believe that if there is no possibility that they would ever want to live together again then Divorce is allowed. Ahmed Ripon ...read more.

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