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marriageExplain the beliefs and practises associated with marriage, with specific reference to the Roman Catholic tradition

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R.E A01 Explain the beliefs and practises associated with marriage, with specific reference to the Roman Catholic tradition. There are four main beliefs associated with the issue marriage; they are put into tradition through their inclusion within the marriage ceremony. The four main beliefs are Forever, Faithful, Fruitful and Sacrament. In this essay I will explain how these beliefs are associated and put into practise with the act of marriage. I will begin with Forever. During the marriage ceremony, the couple make a vow to remain together forever, or 'until death do us part, meaning that the couple agree to stay work through all the problems they may encounter during their marriage. The love that the couple will have for each other will be eternal just like God's love is for us. The second point on forever is related to the symbolism of the rings. Rings are a sign of eternity as a circle never ends and when the couple exchange rings with the words 'are you ready to love and honour each other for the rest of your lives?' ...read more.


Other Christians believe that contraception is acceptable, whereas within the Catholic Church all types of artificial contraception are unacceptable. All Christian faiths are against abortion, as the unborn child is a gift from God, and so should not be tampered with, or killed. Fruitful can also mean that they will aid their partner live their life willingly, as if it is not possible for the couple to have children, the marriage can still be life giving if they help each other live their lives to the best that they can, and bring out the real person inside of each other, an example of this would be a group of friends that you feel really comfortable with, and can act yourself with them at all times. Thirdly, I'd like to focus on the act of being Faithful, the aim being that you will not abuse your position in marriage, and you will remain loyal to your partner at all times. ...read more.


The final point is the Sacrament, in the Roman Catholic Church, marriage is a sacrament, explaining that it can only be taken once in any person's life as a sacrament. It is a public ceremony, and the vows are witnessed by everyone at the ceremony, including God and the priest to support the couple's future. It is part of God's plan, not just an excuse for two people to live together and have children. The Roman Catholic Church doesn't recognise divorce so the only way for a person to marry again in a church is to have an annulment, this only happens in special cases, and has to be looked over very carefully by the church. To conclude, I would say that the main belief in marriage in the church is being forever; because if you do not want to spend the rest of your lives together then there is no point in making this sacrament and if you fell like this together there is no love entering the marriage, and without love there is no marriage. ...read more.

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