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Matters Of Life and Death.

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Matters Of Life and Death 1.a) Immortality of the soul means when your soul (personality, your inner self, the real you) will survive. Only your physical body dies. Your soul goes to a spiritual place, which is non-physical (beyond the senses) where God is. b) Resurrection is when the body is raised from the dead to a new life. 2. Christians have quite different views about life after death. All Christians believe in life after death, but there views vary about what actually happens. Evangelical Protestants believe in resurrection of the body. This means the body will die at death but the soul will carry on living until the end of the world. ...read more.


Others will go to hell. They also believe that Jesus will come back and the dead will be reunited (soul and body). Then God will make a new heaven, earth and hell. These beliefs are from the resurrection of Jesus, the New Testament and teachings from the church. So all Christians have very similar views. They all believe in being judged, although in slightly different ways. Roman catholic beliefs are quite similar of Protestants and evangelical Protestants. 3. "When you are dead, you are dead" I am not sure on my beliefs on this. This is because there are so many different beliefs on this, just as there is on a question such as "is there a God". ...read more.


I think a lot of our personality, and actions are produce by nurture, but we must have something to make individual and us. For example me, my brother and my sister have all been bought up nearly exactly the same, with the same parents, but we are all completely different. It is not nurture, so it must be nature, or it could be a soul. The problem with this is that it goes back to the question of "Nature or Nurture". My main belief is still that we don't know enough about the world to answer this question. I think you have to have strong beliefs to answer this question with whole truth because it links on to many other ultimate questions. I think many people would like to believe that our soul lives in, but if they asked themselves all the other questions, they would not be so sure. ...read more.

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