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Memoirs of our journey to acquire Religious freedom

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This is the record of an Independent Puritan from Bermuda and the memoirs of our journey to acquire Religious freedom. I will attempt to illustrate the course of our passage to spiritual sovereignty in this log. My name is Diana Petrie and this is the narrative of our struggle for freedom of worship. 1512 I was an associate of a British Company that Settled in Bermuda in 1512. I was only a teenager and came with my parents. Subsequent to long years of destitution because of un-profitable farming Bermuda began to prosper. Life was good and I was enjoying my time in Bermuda. 1640's The 1640's move stealthily, as did the uprising of a religious conflict that seems to have been brewing for a while now. It appeared to be a reflection of what caused the civil war in England in 1642 and subsequent to the execution of Charles I in 1649. ...read more.


Our sail to the Bahamas was not a joyous one; we had a mishap on the William (that was the name of our ship.) we were approaching land when we crashed on a reef. This was devastating for all our provisions were lost at sea. We all swam to shore the best way we knew how and took refuge in a cave we called Preacher's Cave. For two weeks now we have been surviving off of the island's natural resources, however that is not enough to sustain us so we are nearly to the point of starvation. I have lost surly 30 lbs it has truly done well to a lot of the ladies and there figures. On the contrary a lot of us are becoming ill and are in dire need of proper nourishment. Hence our gracious leader set sail today for Virginia. The settlers in Virginia gave us enough supplies and also provided us with a vessel may God bless their hearts for their act of comradeship. ...read more.


I however do not regret anything that has transpired in the life these past years. It may seem to be quixotic at times though when I think about the beauty of the island and the many romantic rendezvous Stephen and I have shared and it somehow makes me want to hold on for awhile longer and see if we can prosper on this island. Then my momentary brush with nostalgia leaves me and I am faced with reality and the many reasons why it is so imperative that Stephen and I leave this barren land. Maybe we might find ourselves back here sometime in the future but until then we will remain as far away as possible. It leaves me a bit sullen to close a chapter in my life that seem to have only just begun but I feel that this is a milestone in the chronicle of my life and I will embrace it with open arms. This is not a stop to the logging of my life it is just the beginning. Diana Petrie ...read more.

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