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R.S Course Work-Miracles Title 1: (a) (I What is it meant by the term 'Miracles'? The term 'miracle' in the dictionary means: 'an extraordinary event attributed to some supernatural agency, any remarkable occurrence, but in wikipedia it says a 'miracle': is an event believed to be caused by interposition of divine intervention by a supernatural being in the universe by which the ordinary operation of nature is overruled, suspended or modified. The term miracle is derived from the Latin word mircullum meaning 'something wonderful'. It is something extraordinary and is thought to be when God does something to break all the normal rules and laws of nature. Miracles generally do not seem to happen much nowadays as it is more associated with Jesus' time than ours. Some people e.g. Newspaper journalists and magazine editors use the term 'miracle' in the wrong sense. They can use it from something like "It is a miracle that he got out alive" when someone has been in danger of some sort or "This product can work miracles" trying to promote some cream or new product. People in different cultures have substantially different definitions of the word "miracle". Even within a specific religion there is often more than one of the term. What these books are saying is that a 'miracle' is not an 'earthly' power, but to some extend use in everyday speech of something wonderful happening so it might as well be a power that man made. ...read more.


I think that Jesus' healing miracles is very important for Christian lives today and for those in the future. I think this because Christians can rely on these miracles to have faith in the Kingdom of God. If Jesus did not perform healing miracles then it destroys the image we see of Jesus. Christians believe that it was because he was the Son of God that he had the power to perform healing miracles..nd he said to the paralyzed man, "My son and your sins are forgiven" The miracles in the Gospels should not be understood as merely an historic record of an actual event. To the early Christians the miracles meant much more. They are proof of who Jesus was, of his overwhelming goodness, and of his connection with the Father who sent him. Mark used accounts of Jesus' miracles to show that: * Jesus was the long waited messiah * He was the Son of God * The Kingdom of God was present on earth * By putting faith in Jesus, individuals' lives could be transformed Christians see these miracles and believe that they could happen to them if they have faith because these miracles are so great and unimaginable. Christians may turn to Jesus when they are ill and there is no cure, such as a cancer and they have nothing left to turn to. ...read more.


However there are people who are sceptical in believing that miracles still occur today. The Catholic Church is extremely careful to believe that miracles still exist. They have rigorous criteria to follow in order to ensure that only the "true" miracles are made official. The cure itself must be sudden, unforeseen and permanent. The sickness must have been grave and and any prior treatment should not in any was have affected the outcome. We can see how particular the church is in making miracles official because over the past 120years, from 1858 and 1978 only 64 miracles have been made official. Recently Padre Pio, an Italian man, developed the same wounds in his hands as Christ had developed through crucifixion. Many people said that this was a miracle however many believed the wounds had to be self-inflicted. When Padre Pio went to Rome to see Pope John Paul, the Pope carefully examined these wounds and there was much discussion about whether this man should indeed be deemed a saint. These miracles prove that Jesus has chosen particular people to serve as shinning examples of a Christian way of life for the new millennium." It shows Christians today that Jesus is alive within us as he continues his work through many of us today. Despite the fakes and the failures, Jesus is still spiritually alive on the earth today and personally, I do believe that is miracle-working power is still with many of us today. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adonis Junior Akra 11.AS1 - 1 - ...read more.

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