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Miracles don't Happen Today. Do You Agree?

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Robynne Shipley 10G Friday October 25th Miracles don't Happen Today. Do You Agree? Yes I do agree with this statement in some ways but not in others. I agree because a miracle is only a miracle until it has been explained. Which is why they just don't happen today because we are more technologically and scientifically advanced than ever before, meaning that certain things like the fact that we stay on the earth even though it is round was a miracle when first discovered but now it is a scientific fact that gravity is what keeps us here on earth. ...read more.


After just the one small boy gave up his food, everyone else was so embarrassed for not giving theirs that everyone gave their food so there was plenty. Not so much of a miracle after that explanation, is it? But not all 'miracles' can be explained, not all that long ago in 1879, an image of the Virgin Mary, along with St Joseph and St John appeared on the outside wall of the Catholic Church, in the Irish village of Knock. It wasn't a projection because it didn't cast the shadows of the villagers stood in front of it. This miracle from not as long ago as the biblical one, cannot be explained, which leaves me to wonder whether or no miracles do exist. ...read more.


For example, a miracle drug that can cure some terrible disease. Well obviously it can be explained that something in the drug cure the person, so it is not a miracle. Where when Jesus was alive a miracle would have been the fact that he cured some terrible illness, not with a drug, and no one could explain it, and to me that is a true miracle. But an out for body experience, could in a way be classed as a miracle, because the person are dead, yet they come back to life, a miracle or just sheer luck? I suppose in a way we'll never know. I don't believe that miracles happen today, but everyone is entitled to their own opinions. ...read more.

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