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Miracles suggest an unpredictable, changeable God. Discuss.

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Holly Sarah Morris 12mn Miracles suggest an unpredictable, changeable God. Discuss (17). God could be seen to be unpredictable due to the fact that you never know when he is going to carry out a miracle. The fact that he is so unpredictable is what makes the miracle so special and worthwhile in the end. Many people argue that we limit the nature of God if we claim that although he exists, miracles do not always happen. If God is capable of doing anything, and if God gave the universe its order in the first place, then it is up to God whether sometimes he decides to suspend those rules for his own purposes. A god who can create and sustain the world is also capable of acting in more individual ways. ...read more.


If we agree with the actions God chooses to take we will see him in a 'good light', but if we disagree then our opinion will completely change. So I believe that it isn't God that directly changes but the way people in the real world perceive him. The miracles that God carries out are carried out through love and compassion for his people. It is God's goodness that causes him to help people whether it is to relieve pain or suffering, through miracles. He helps people who deserve to be helped, and who have been true to God and his teachings, I don't think that this suggests that he is 'unpredictable', as he is carrying out these miracles when he sees fit, and just because he doesn't go around casting miracles to people, it doesn't mean that when he does he's being 'unpredictable', he's just helping people when they truly deserve it. ...read more.


For example, the story of Elijah, where because a widow helps Elijah when he has no food he rewards her by making sure she never goes hungry. This shows God rewarding the old widow for her kindness to Elijah. Is unpredictable the same as unchangeable? I don't believe that these two words mean the same thing. If something is unpredictable it means that it is not expected and that it comes out of the blue. Unchangeable means that something can't be changed, and that it is the same throughout. These two words clearly aren't the same and they both describe God is different ways. God can be changeable in many ways but he is not unpredictable. I don't believe that miracles suggest an unpredictable God but sometimes in some circumstances God can be seen as being 'changeable'. ...read more.

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