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Most Christians of today have many mixed views about life. All Christians believe that God is the giver of life.

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A01 Most Christians of today have many mixed views about life. All Christians believe that God is the giver of life. This view is taken from the book of Genesis 1:26-27 that tells us that God made man from His own image. This makes man a very special creature to God. Life is a gift from God and there are all sorts of different rules regarding life in the Bible. Christians also believe God values human life greatly. To support this view, God said in the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt not kill." God forbids the taking of life and Christians know this but they all have different understands of what this phrase means. When we talk of the 'sanctity of life' we mean that life is not to be treated badly or discarded thoughtlessly. The beginning of human life is referred to many times in the bible. Many Christians believe that human life begins in the womb. This makes even unborn babies people themselves. In the book of Luke in the New Testament, there is full proof that this belief should be upheld. It tells about the time Mary the mother of Jesus went to visit her cousin Elizabeth when she got to learn of her cousin's pregnancy. ...read more.


God has plans set for every individual before they are even born and they should not be terminated. Mother Theresa's entirety of abortion said, " God had created us to love and be loved in his own image, as evidence of his love. For this reason I say abortion is the greatest evil. If anyone of you does not want his own child, do not kill it, give it to me." She took suffering people into her own care and tended to them so that they would not die without care. She followed Jesus' example and took care of the downtrodden and sacrificed her life by devoting it to make people's lives better. The Protestant church does not support abortion but it allows abortion in certain cases where the mother of the unborn child's mental and physical well-being is precarious. This in most cases involves the mother being too young or with cancer whereby if the mother was allowed to give birth, she could die. In other cases, the child might have a defect and be unable to survive when born. In such situations, the unborn child's life would have to be terminated to save the mother. If the mother is mentally at risk and she could harm her baby, abortion would have to be allowed. ...read more.


Forcing people to accept ones views is often a mistake, as people won't take the views to heart. One issue that has brought about such a situation is euthanasia and abortion. Many Christians do not agree with such situations because they are against what these people think is right. Some people do not know what to support because they cannot bear to think about what they would do if caught up in situations like abortion and euthanasia. It is often better to let your views known as people are at times confused about what to do and as a Christians, we should give our views and at times they will make a difference. Counselling offenders and unsure can help them to turn their lives around for the better. This is often because people's thoughts always turn to deeds and they could make grave mistakes when in fact your views could have helped. It is then recurrently our task as Christians to give our views. I think therefore that Christians should not try to force people their views but should give their views nevertheless and accept the situation if their views are not accepted because a point taken by someone willingly might go further than that which is forced. It is also morally wrong and it would create a picture of a person being egotistical. Anne Marie Kinkuhaire Najjemba 11/3 GCSE RELIGIOUS EDUCATION COURSEWORK ...read more.

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