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Most of people think that unexcused homicide is morally incorrect but that abortion is all right. With this essay am trying to say thats just the same.

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Abortion Most of people think that unexcused homicide is morally incorrect but that abortion is all right. With this essay am trying to say that's just the same. Why is right to kill a baby the day before it's born and not the day after? The reason for most is that a fetus is not a human but it has 46 human chromosomes, and developing, so it's becoming one. In cense it's a human and no one has the right to decide an other human's life that is only god's job. Abortion is not a way out. Most mothers that abort think that that's a way to be un-pregnant but the fact of pregnancy in her is still there and more than ever. ...read more.


The most common feeling on women that abort is guilt, in many cases that guilt into depression and in a big percentage that depression leads to suicide so then, why abort? There's no reason. HIV is an other reason why mothers abort. What most people don't know is that not always HIV is transmitted to the baby. mothers should give a chance to the fetus to live. There are a very low percentage of babies that catch the diesis from their mothers. Yes you may say that is an invasion to the women's right and liberty, but, what about the baby's right they have the right to live. An other reason for mothers that abort is money. But if it's because of that there are other ways out like giving the baby in adoption. ...read more.


Abortion is illegal and it means your baking the law and it's very dangerous. They are done in places without sanity and there is no chance of proving that the doctor is a real one. Infections are every where and the chance of getting one is very high and if you catch it no one will respond, doctors won't be there to support and possibly will end in death. In conclusion id like to finish with a little reflection, to kill the fetus is to kill the baby, to kill the baby is to kill the child, to kill the child is to kill the teenager, to kill the teenager is to kill the adult, and to kill the adult is to kill the older person. For the full value of a person in every stage of development, killing the potential human is killing the actual one. Antonia Barros Calvo 1´┐ŻB 2003 ...read more.

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