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Movies and teenagers behaviour.

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Misr International University Course Title: CSC03-Introduction to Computer Science Professor: Dr. Raafat Abd el Aziz Due Date: Students' Names: Introduction..............................................p.3 Movies and Violence..................................p.3 Movies and Pornography/ Sex.....................p.5 The Continuity of Movies............................p.6 Introduction Movies regardless of origin or genre, with all their kinds have viewers who are seriously influenced by them. Whether negatively or positively, it is believed by many psychiatrists, socio-biologists and professionals that behaviour, and in specific that of teenagers and youth, is severely influenced by these moving pictures. In this research paper, the different effects movies impose on youth are discussed. Ranging from violence, to sex, from drugs to pornography, it is all debatable. Movies and Violence Violence in the media is a problem; the people exposed to this media violence are mostly teenagers. ...read more.


According to Hinson, they believed that "while violence in life is destructive, violence in art need not be; that art provides a healthy channel for the natural aggressive forces within us" (Hinson 585). Even with all this violence on both the small and big screen, Hinson makes a clear statement that real-life violence is the problem, not movie violence. He feels that people fear screen violence because they fear we might become what is depicted on the screen. Hinson believes that to enjoy violence, one must be able to distinguish between what is real and what is not (Hinson 587). Violence in general is always on the every day news, now to be updated on an hourly basis, and quicker on the internet, so as a theory, until the real violence we see on the news is diminished, then it is senseless to diminish that in Hollywood. ...read more.


So we go to the top of the list and wonder why make the movies in the first place? Everything today goes by supply and demand, you demand the movie I will supply it, you supply the scenes and I will demand it. There is nothing being filmed with out a reason, and for as long as directors have cinema goers watching their films, they will keep making them. The last five years have seen an increase in the stand on violence in movies. As action movies with their big stars are taken to new heights every year, more people seem to argue that the violence is influencing our country's youth. Yet, each year, the amount of viewers also increases. 2 ...read more.

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