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Muhammad In Islam

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Muhammad In Islam 1. How are Muslims reminded of the Prophet Muhammad in their call to prayer? Quote relevant lines. Muhammad is reminded of him in their prayer on the 12 Rabi Ul Awwal (the prophets birthday) "The whole of the third month of the Islamic calender is special of it" Muhammed died 63 years later on that date. 2. Why do Muslims show Muhammad so much respect? Muslims show respect to Muhammad because he is known as the only messenger of Allah and Muhammad had the last word; he brought the final, perfect revelation from God to humankind. 3. Why would it be wrong to call Muslims "Muhammadans"? It would be wrong to call Muslims Muhammadans because Islam is about following the path of Allah Muhammad was a messenger to spread the word of Allah. They were not his own words. 4. In what sense is Adam regarded as Muslim? Adam was the first person was on earth and he was put here by god. At the time there was no religion at the time Muslims regard him as Muslim. ...read more.


By helping the needy he remembered how poor he was when he couldn't even afford a camel caravan. Muhammad's Call to Prophethood 1. What is Polytheism? Polytheism is the belief in multiple gods. 2. What word describes belief in one God? Monotheist means you believe in one god 3. Name two great monotheistic religions which existed in Muhammad's time? The two religions that were monotheistic in Muhammad's time were Judaism and Christianity. 4. Why is it suggested that Muhammad was influenced by Judaism and/ or Christianity? It is suggested that Muhammad was influenced by Judaism or Christianity because they also teach that there is only one god. 5. Why do Muslims like to visit Cave Hira in Arabia? Muslims visit cave Hira in Arabia because Muhammad was saved here by a spider when he was hiding. 6. What was the main message that Muhammad preached? That there is only one god and that he was the messenger of god. Also to follow Islam and Allah. 7. Why do you think Muhammad took no other wife while Khadijah lived? ...read more.


In my opinion the speech was very important as Muhammad died a few months afterwards. And was buried under a green domed mosque. 7. Why do you think that the five main obligatory duties for Muslims are called the five pillars of Islam? I think that the five main duties for Muslims are called the five main pillars of Islam because they have to do them. Holy War 1. When can war be regarded as "holy" in Islam? War can be regarded as holy when it is fought for Allah in Islam's defence. 2. Do you think war can ever be holy? I will never think that war is holy because how is it right to kill people and harm them for your religion. It isn't right what ever way you put. 3. Why do you think striving against our own faults is regarded as the greater holy war? I think it is better to see 1 fault in yourself than 1000 in others and that if you can improve yourself other than criticising other people you will learn from the experience no one else. Nimrah Khan 10JSH ...read more.

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