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Muslim Worship.

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R.E Coursework Muslim Worship A. Worship - 1. Give praise or respect to a God or an object. 2. Love or respect a person or thing greatly This is what The New Oxford Dictionary says about worship. This being the definition and meaning that anybody can give praise, respect, or love to anything for instance my sister worships chocolate she shows this by eating gallons and gallons of it! I worship the Leicester Tigers Rugby Football club and show it by losing my voice from shouting at matches! However worship can involve kneeling, praying, and attending services. Worship can take place anywhere, home's churches, sport stadiums, mosques and others. For a Muslim worship to them means adoration and giving thanks, praise and respect through prayer and that this is the way to communicate with God. In mosques it is a tradition to have a number of features and furnishings. The most noticeable feature of a mosque is: The Dome This is usually over the roof of the mosque and gives you the feeling of calm when you enter. It reminds them of their origins in the Middle East, as they are common there. It amplifies the voice of the Imam during the Friday prayer when Muslims go to the mosque to pray. ...read more.


To Muslims prayer is sacred, as it is a time for worshippers to come into contact with God and be brought closer to him. On entering the mosque Muslims carry out a ritual called Wudu before worship and prayer and worship which can be seen as an act of worship this symbolises the ritual cleansing with water to purify the body and soul. Wudu needs running water and taps so there are wash facilities at mosques. These are the actions made by a Muslim as told to by the Qu'ran Wash your hands to the wrists three times, rinse your mouth three times with your right hand; wash nostrils three times, wash your entire face three times, and wipe head once with fingers, wash ears by putting two fingers into the ears and wiping back with thumbs. Then with the backs of both hands wipe the neck once and finally wash the right foot then the left up to the ankle three times. Washing each part means a different thing. While washing the hands and mouth they pray to God that they could be forgiven from sin they may have committed using there hands or mouths. ...read more.


On the Fridays it is compulsory for the male to attend mosque and the Friday prayer as the Qu'ran says it. This gives the Muslims a chance to meet and worship together and share experiences and get all the help and benefit from it they need. However, it could be said that that money spent on buildings and maintenance on the mosque could be used in a better way like towards the poor or hungry in less developed countries instead of on the mosque, Allah would have preferred it this way. The mosque isn't actually needed some may say purely because Allah is everywhere so why waste money on buildings and features that are not strictly needed? Muslims however say that a mosque provides a place of focus on God and anything performed there does have a reason like for example Wudu, Arabic lessons Qu'ran teachings for children it is also a place for Muslims to meet, talk and to know one another. A mosque is a place from distraction in the outside world, and also keeps the mind focused on the teachings of Allah. Yet wouldn't it show more commitment if a Muslim did worship at home? ...read more.

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