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Muslims, who follow the religion of Islam, are widely discriminated against both here in Australia and through out the world largely as a result of various historical, political and legal occurrences that have given way to accusations and misinformed assu

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Part One: a) Outline how the group chosen is discriminated against and the effects of this discrimination. What is the extent of this prejudice and discrimination? Muslims, who follow the religion of Islam, are widely discriminated against both here in Australia and through out the world largely as a result of various historical, political and legal occurrences that have given way to accusations and misinformed assumptions that the Islamic religion is largely based on violence, fanaticism, extremism and terrorism. In Australia, Muslims make up one of the countries most culturally diverse groups and includes over 300 000 followers countrywide. There are many ways through which Muslims are discriminated against as a result of their religion and beliefs. This includes heinous attacks of vandalism on Islamic places of worship known as Mosques and even the homes of Muslims and there have also been some incidents of arson although this was a relatively isolated incident. Other instances of discrimination that Muslims in Australia have experienced include harassment - mainly of women - because of their traditional attire, which ranges from the covering of the head to the covering of Muslim females from head to toe; this dress is called a "bourka". Some Muslim women even reported having head scarves ripped off them and both men and women have reported being spat on, being verbally abused, threatened or/and assaulted etc. ...read more.


Many of these Muslims were labeled/ implied by the politicians to be terrorists and 'queue jumpers' hence fuelling more hatred against Muslims. * September 11, 2001: the terrorist attacks of the World Trade Centers in New York, America, proved to be one of the most difficult days for Muslims in Australia and other Western dominated societies. The perpetrators of the September 11 were labeled as Muslim fanatics and radicals who were against the western world and culture. It was because of these attacks that discrimination and hatred of Muslims increased as a result. * Religion/ religious conflicts: Centuries of conflict, mainly between the Muslim and Christian worlds have built up long standing prejudices that have led each religious side to dismiss the others relevance in world affairs. * The tortured relationship between Islam and the Western world: many people mistakenly believe that Muslims and Islam are incapable of living amongst Australian/ Western society. This is significantly so because people have a misconception that Islam and Muslims are against the western world and its values and modernization of people and time etc. * Negative media portrayals of Muslim people and their religion: the media, which plays a major role in influencing the opinions, thoughts and beliefs of societies and people has done this same thing with people and groups in regards to Muslims and their religion. ...read more.


Evaluate these strategies, how successful have they been in reducing inequality? The legislations put in place by the government to protect Muslims and others alike from any forms of prejudice, discrimination and/or inequalities. It also ensures that Muslims are able to access legal rights if ever they feel they have been subjected to or victimized as a result of inequalities or discrimination. Community action by Muslim communities has been effective in further educating people of the Western world and giving them further insights into the Islamic religion, their beliefs, culture and ways of life. c) Suggest at least one strategy that could be implemented by individuals or groups in order to reduce or eliminate discrimination against this group. Groups or individuals, in order to reduce or eliminate discrimination against Muslims, could implement numerous strategies. One strategy in particular is compulsory religious education by ALL schools - public and private - of all major religions of Australia including Islam. If people are educated from a young age about various religions and their beliefs, ways of life, culture etc then they will learn to be more open and broad minded of other religions different from their own as well as being more acceptable and understanding of the fact that Australia is one of the most multicultural societies in the world with a huge array of different cultures, languages, customs, religions etc. This sort of education would ensure that people are more willing and able to accept the different and wide-spreading belief systems and cultural practices that are evident in Australia. ...read more.

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