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My Arguments For and Against Abortion.

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My Arguments For and Against Abortion Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. The termination of an unborn child. Some people are very against abortion and think it is wrong to even think about stopping the life of an unborn child and others believe within in reason it should be permissible. The unborn human is still a human life and in my view shouldn't really be destroyed except in extreme cases. It is a true fact that from the moment of conception, a new human life has been created. No one can doubt that when a human sperm fertilizes a human egg a new human being is created. A new human being who carries its own genes to make that human being unique from anyone else. All the foetus needs to grow into a baby, a child, an adult, is time, nutrition and a suitable environment. It is determined at that very moment of conception whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, the colour of his eyes, what blood type he will have. A foetus is not just another part of a women's body for 9 months, it's a living thing, with its own tiny heart. A foetus's heart started beating just 4 weeks after being created, beating before the mother even knew she was pregnant? By 12 weeks, all his organs are formed and all his systems working. ...read more.


It is easy to be concerned with the lives of people we know and love than others. Given a choice would you rather thousands of people died in Ethiopia of flooding or a serious accident involving a close friends or favourite relatives? Some people pretend to themselves that the unborn child is a less valuable human life because it's with us the same way the rest of your family and friends are and therefore some people are able to destroy potential life. Well I agree the unborn baby has not developed the full potential it may have, it may be waiting to become the next Prime Minster or the only person to find a cure for cancer. But none of us reach the point where our full potential is exposed, some may get closer to our full potential than others, but this does not give the right to kill others. Those in favour of abortion are surely weak, believing that the unborn baby does not have much value as other humans. All this unborn baby lacks is the ability and stability to use his potential. Do people kill the poor, sick, handicapped and mentally ill if they don't use their potential, no? Here is an example, you are 16, this is your final year of GCSE's and you are pregnant, you're due to have your baby just before your exams start. ...read more.


Why did God give you a child with a disability, was it because he wanted to punish you or purely because he knew you would love the child however he was? If we do have an abortion because of a disability or defect before they are born, why not after they are born? But then, what is a disability or defect, not being able to pronounce your "r"s properly? Considering an abortion when the pregnancy resulted from rape, is different. Rape is an awful crime, but no one can blame the child that may come of it, it is a very emotional decision for the mother. If the mother had an abortion she has still destroyed a living thing that she half created and if she doesn't then what? Abortion is the choice of a woman not wanting to continue a pregnancy, so as to prevent there being any unwanted children. How can the mother think it right to kill an unwanted foetus, which is even more defenceless than a newborn baby just because it may grow into an unwanted child? This is merely an excuse to escape the responsibility of becoming a parent, in actual fact the woman becomes a mother the moment she has conceived, whether she wants to be or not. The only way she will not be a parent is through natural death or by killing it by abortion. ...read more.

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