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My Granny

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My Granny Jonny McClune Graham was at home with the baby sitter while the rest of the family were at the carol service. Graham was deaf and the baby sitter could not sign and was rather hard of hearing, consequently communication between the pair was difficult. It was nearly time for Graham to go to bed and the baby sitter had gone to make him supper. She returned quickly only to find the Christmas tree being dragged across the floor. The baby sitter could not get Graham to stop, she could not hear him and he could not understand her. The baby sitter that night was my granny. Granny was a small widow she was a wiry person. She was also quite frail and in her latter days rather accident prone. Granny's common dress was a long skirt that she wore high on her waist. With that she would wear a t-shirt or a shirt and if it was cool a cardigan she also bearded. ...read more.


Never one to waste things. Her bible occupied the other side, it always looked well loved. She liked to mark special parts. She would press flowers from her garden in it to. She loved her garden and every visit would begin with a tour of the garden, you would then admire when all the things that she had done. When the weather was not so good she would spend her time sewing and as she got older others would have to help her thread the needle. Granny was a quiet lady with a lot to say. In the crowd she was a better listener, than talker. Once you realised that granny spent most of her time listening you began to want to hear what she had to say for herself. Taking the time to listen to her was often rewarding. From talking to granny I now have the ability to talk to people of all ages. ...read more.


This was her example to her children which all have followed. She passed on her sewing ability to her eldest daughter and her creativeness to her other two children. Granny had a large effect on me. I grew up 10 years with granny before she passed on and I loved every minute of it and I loved granny. With every minute spent with granny, she was a testament to her Lord. Granny's love of her garden she passed on to her eldest daughter and her son more than her youngest daughter. Her son, my father has passed this on to me. I love the garden and the outdoors. Granny was a very family person. She loved having her family in constant contact with her and to frequently meet up. She assed this on to the whole family because on my fathers side of the family we always gather together for birthdays and anniversaries. This has been passed on to me I thoroughly enjoy the family time we all spend together, where my friends can be awfully bored. ...read more.

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