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My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to try and persuade you that euthanasia is right and should be made legal in the United Kingdom.

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English Speech My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here today to try and persuade you that euthanasia is right and should be made legal in the United Kingdom. To start with let me explain what euthanasia is. Euthanasia is described as the act of killing someone painlessly especially to relieve suffering from an incurable disease. A Zogby poll asked: "If you had a disease that was fatal, and was causing great pain and discomfort, which of the following courses of action would you prefer: Physician assisted suicide, wait and let nature take its course, or not sure?" The poll showed that one-in-three Americans, stricken with a painful terminal illness, would prefer assisted suicide to letting nature take its course. In the March poll of 1,031 nationwide, 30.4% of those surveyed would rather have a doctor put a merciful end to their suffering than wait for a natural death. ...read more.


Ernst Aschmoneit flew from his home in Germany to Zurich, where he planned to be dead by nightfall. He said "It's not very easy to say and to know this is my last day." He is a retired mechanical engineer and childless widower, he travelled alone to Switzerland. He was afraid that if he waited any longer, he would be incapacitated by the disease and trapped in Germany, where assisted suicide is against the law. Aschmoneit decided to take his own life as his symptoms got worse. The only way to feel better, he said, was "to say good-bye before it was too late." Looking back, he said he had a good life. What's ahead after this life? "Nothing," he said. This is a typical case that shows that people would rather be killed than kept alive. ...read more.


Imagine having to have a carer doing everything you could do like make the bed, brush your teeth, put a plaster on yourself etc. Also everyday you would be in immense pain because of the disease eating away at you. Diana Pretty had motor neurone disease. She suffered and suffered everyday from the pain. Her husband Brian Pretty helped her everyday with things that we all take for granted. Diane died of the disease in May 2002. After she died her husband made a quote which sums up how she felt and how he felt. It was "And then for Diane it was over, free at last." This is why I believe that euthanasia should be legalised in the United Kingdom. I urge you to vote for the legalisation of euthanasia for all the people in the UK that suffer from a disease. Thank you. ...read more.

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