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MY SIGNIFICANT LEARNING AND HOW I WILL APPLY IT Generally, all communities require a similar way of behaving. We have to be obliging and willing to do things for others instead of being critical and rebellious. To belong to a community we need support and encouragement from others in the same way as they need us. Some examples of communities are our family, friends, school and global network. I have learnt that not only do our parents have to love us, provide for us and make sure we grow well but that even we have to contribute towards our family in whatever way we can. This lesson has encouraged me to start helping around with my sister and encouraging her to clean up our room and do little chores around the house so that the house is neat when our parents come home tired from work. This will make them feel happy and relaxed. Doing chores will also make us responsible and ability to handle independently other challenges / responsibilities that may come our way. Another community we must consider is, our friends. We often go to them for companionship, advice and communication. A person's community of friends varies a lot and different people look to special types of people as friends. Physical distance may often bond us closer to our friends than to our family. Friends are a source of warmth, comfort and a safe haven from the world. On my part, I must be a faithful friend, provide a listening ear and share in all my friends' experiences. ...read more.


We feel remorseful for our sins and ask pardon from God. It is because of us that Jesus suffered and we repent whole heartedly. We also promise Jesus that we will allow him to live in our lives. The church wears purple as a sign of penance to demonstrate our deep sorrow. During Lent I fast and pray regularly to show Jesus that I am truly sorry for my sins and honestly want to be a better person. I don't want him to have died in vain so by my own sacrifices it will make his death worthwhile. The last week of Lent is the holy week and includes days such as Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Good Friday is the day Jesus died for our sins and it is a day of mourning. This is preceded by Easter Sunday which is the most important day in the whole of the Church calendar because it is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. This joyous day signifies the eternal nature of our God and the hope of Eternal Life. The church used white and gold as the colors of its vestments to depict the light that Jesus is and how he shines forth amidst the gloom. During Easter I feel very positive because I feel confident that I am secure in Jesus' promise of coming back once more to take me with him to heaven. The Catholic Church is a group of persons who seek to know God through the Scriptures and celebrate the sacrament. ...read more.


Instead, we should be like the woman who gave her few worldly possessions to the Lord. This just goes to show that no matter how small our wealth, we must offer it to God. He will provide for us. The second beatitude tells us to be caring. This means that we must empathize with other people and their suffering. We should not be indifferent to others problems and consider only our selfish interests. When we need help we will have God on our side. His assistance will come from even the most unexpected sources. I try to be as involved as possible in the hurt or need of my companions. If I see someone unhappy, I try my best to provide support and help wherever I can. The fourth Beatitude tells us to be fair. This is an intriguing statement as we must remember that it does not profess equality but fairness. The difference is that not everyone should have equal standards and allowances for varying needs and wants of people must be considered. I don't often treat all my friends equally. One might need a listening ear, another assistance in studies and yet another, someone to play with. However, I try to give everyone what they require and need. These three beatitudes are the ones that impacted me the most. Relying on God for his mercies and using his guidance to live my life and enhance that of others, can surely help me to prepare for eternal life with HIM. From this essay on what I have learnt and how I wish to apply them I have found out new ways to discover Christ in all beings. MY SIGNIFICANT LEARNING AND HOW I WILL APPLY IT -Elisha George -Sr3E -Bible ...read more.

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