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My task is to investigate, identify and produce a leaflet that will contain the layette for a new born baby.

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Planning My task is to investigate, identify and produce a leaflet that will contain the layette for a new born baby. I will gather all the information using mainly websites that are targeted at parents and parents to be, for example; www.babycenter.com. Questionnaires and interviews done among parents about their views and what they would buy, why and where from will also be used. The first thing I will do is my research into the basic items a new baby needs and where they can be brought from. I will also need to research prices. When I have this information I will check that it's all correct and add anything missing information to it. Now, I will shop around to find the best quality of all the items I am going to include, by using pictures I will present them in the order I choose them in. When I have done all this and gathered all my items, I will add up all my products and take that away from my budget of �500. ...read more.


Starting with �500, I think the best way to spend the money is to spread the money out over all the different sections, bedding, transports, eating, clothes etc.. bathing equipment is also needed but only a very small fraction of the �500 will go on that. Once you've separated the money, you just pick items of good value and have everything you need. All the money you might have left over can easily be used up to buy any extra things you feel are needed. Evaluation From this project, I have learn that buying equipment for a new born baby requires a lot of research in order to find exactly what a baby needs, the characteristics, prices and where the best place is too buy them. I didn't spend all my �500 and I did include everything that I felt was most essential. The maxim pushchair was only �94.99, after reduction, and this item was totally all I need in a pushchair. It provided support for my child and when It gets older and had a separate basket area for any other items I need to take round with me. ...read more.


Buying this set meant that I wouldn't have to buy all the items separately. The extra clothes that I brought were 2 long sleeved t-shirts and a hooded snowsuit. I included these in my layette because I felt that they were needed. I added a �45 front carrier because I felt that it was necessary and would help when transporting my baby around. The goods things about my project is the way I have chosen the items because of their prices and what they have, rather than what they look like. I also think I put a lot of effort in the presentation of my work and think I have done well as I have followed my plan through to the end. Weaknesses in my project include the part where I haven't stated why I picked the items. If I was to repeat this task, the only change I would make would be too add my personal opinion about each item. Overall, I feel like I've done well and met every point I needed too. The presentation and content of my outcome is to a high standard and I have researched deeply and well to find the items needed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Michelle Pendry 10RT Resource Task 2 ...read more.

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