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My trip to Saudi Arabia It was 1 week before I got to know I was going saudia Arabia. My parents asked me if I wanted to go

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My trip to Saudi Arabia It was 1 week before I got to know I was going saudia Arabia. My parents asked me if I wanted to go my heart was saying yes but my mind was saying no. I go to my parent's ill think about it that night I was thinking I don't want 2 go yet I am not ready. Had a dream that night I was in saudia Arabia, in front of the khaba (god's house), I was praying in front of it I was so happy to be there. I was with my cousin asma go Aqeel its so good to be here isn't it he was saying yeah mash Allah its wonderful then suddenly I hear a big "bang" noise going "wake up wake up" it was my mum screaming from down stairs. I got up, I was thinking oh my god my dream was so lovely I ran down stairs I told my mum straight away I wanted to go saudia arabia she was so happy she gave me a hug and goes I am so glad you are going she goes your going to love it when your there. I was really excited to go, because my cousin Aqeel and Harun where going to go aswell so it was good cause I would have had company. ...read more.


The flight lifted off there was an announcement after 15 minutes. The air hostesses came round giving hot towels to wipe our faces the journey was about 12 hours we all fell asleep. I wake up and we had to get off the airplane, I looked out side the airplane and they announced that we was at Dubai me and my cousins looked at each other we was really excited, but the temperature was 45�.We got off the plane we freshened up and we went to ask the emirates desk manager if we could go out of the airport we went and spoke to them they go "yes sure you can go but they said that we could eat aswell in inside the airport because they said they provided it for us" We went to look for the place we had to eat we looked everywhere we couldn't find it then we asked some one they told us where it was we went towards it the atmosphere was so busy every one was enjoying them self. We went and sat on the table they told us it was a buffet me and my cousins went crazy because the food smelt nice it was gorgeous we eat up and it was about 8 in the evening, our flight was for 12 o'clock. ...read more.


many people die during hajj because they try and kiss the black stone and get crushed because there is so many people there, but I was happy though I got to kiss it and was looking forward to going home now it was our last day at madina I took many photos of the place so I could look back one day and say I was there. As we left for the airport I stared out the coach window looking at the beautiful scenery and the big palm trees, we reached the airport and was through the hassle of getting into the plane quite quickly the plane took off and this time I wasn't quite bothered about the flight I exited to see my family and friends again so I can tell them what an experience I had. I slept most the flight and were jus landing into Heathrow airport I ran off the plane in joy we entered the terminal and it felt good to be back home we collected our luggage and went for the exit there I saw my parents waiting for us to pick us up I hugged them in joy we all left the airport quickly so we could get home in time for dinner I told my mum and dad the whole experience on the way back from the airport I loved it. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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