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Natural law for abortion.

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Natural Law for Abortion To say that natural law is not an effective argument in the debate over abortion seems a bit ignorant. Almost all ethical way of thinking must be considered when looking at varying situations and the outcomes of them. Aquinas stated that the key to natural law was that humans always seek to do the 'good'. He would claim that all people, not just religious believers, try to do what is right even if, to others, it appears wrong. However Aquinas also talked a lot about apparent goods. These are actions we take for a reason we feel is right but which goes against our human nature. ...read more.


However it could be looked at differently if a pregnant women wants an abortion so that she can continue to work it is an apparent good. This is simply because from her point of view it is a good action. As with all abortion debates whether or not the baby is classed as a living person at just 8 weeks old, or less, depends on medical facts. But assuming the baby is alive then it can't be a true good for an abortion to take place. Natural law could also been defined to an extent as, Gods will. ...read more.


So just by looking at Natural law we can't say abortion is wrong, however it does display a valid case for consideration. I think the answer most believers of natural law would give in response to should we allow abortion is yes, but try to reduce them. It's become increasingly like a fact of life; abortions will take place so natural law followers would try to educate people to give them a better understanding of the matter. It is made hard to work out as different people judge whether or not an act is an apparent good or not in different ways. Some would certainly say abortion is an apparent good, while others might look at it and work out a way of showing it to be a true good in some circumstances. David Jackson. ...read more.

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