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nature of religion and beliefs

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Nature of Religion and Beliefs By Elise Mahoney When one looks through the early stages of history human life and society are forever changing, and religion has always played a vital role in the evolution of life. Looking at Ninian Smart's statement about human history, life and religion, we see how Christianity and tribal aboriginal religion are both examples of the validity of Smarts opinion, and the contribution these religions have made to the people and the culture in which they reside. Christianity throughout history has played an influential role in the change and evolution of mankind and the society in which we live, and have been doing so for over 2000 years. Jesus Christ is arguably the most influential person who ever lived and has changed how billions of people think, live and behave. The ancient world, and the world we live in today would have been drastically different if Jesus was never born. ...read more.


Many Christians thought that this was a just war and did not appose it because they believed that they were fighting for divine justice and take back what was rightfully there's. The Crusades were a very dark period in Christian heritage, one that the church and all Christians tend to forget or pass over. By looking through the past at Christian history we see just how much Christianity has shaped our past. Great wars have been fought Christianity and hundreds of thousands of people have died for Christianity. Without understanding Christian religion how one can possibly understand the stages of history that Christianity had such an impact over. In Aboriginal society, religion is the fundamental element in every aspect of Aboriginal living. Through the beliefs of Aboriginal spirituality outsiders to the tribe can gain an understanding of the purpose, meaning and security of Aboriginal life and learn to respect and appreciate Aboriginal spirituality. ...read more.


The people and the worship are one and without one there is no other. Throughout history and beyond in the dark recesses of man's earliest cultures, religion has always been a vital and pervasive feature of human life. To understand human history and human life it is necessary to understand religion...." (Ninian smart; 1969; pp.1)" So what does this quote mean in the relation to Aboriginality and Christianity? By looking back though history some things can never be omitted, and religion is one of these. Religion is the creation of the holistic drive that has created and shaped societies, human history and mankind itself. Many wars have been fought over it, many people have died for it and life itself would unimaginable without it. Religion is the vital key in understanding the human life continuation and change. By using Christianity and Aboriginal religion as examples regarding the validity of Smarts quote we see how very much life and religion tie together to make a whole, in the history of human life and society. By understanding religion we understand the many aspects of life. ...read more.

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