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Nelson Mandela as a hero

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Nelson Mandela Ladies and Gentlemen of the council we are gathered here today to discuss the attributes and qualities of hero's and leaders that teenagers of today can aspire to. What is a hero? What is a leader? And who can represent these qualities to young people of today? The nature of a hero is to have a combination of skills, behaviours and attitudes that allow them to interpret a situation and take appropriate action to achieve beneficial results and outcomes for everyone. In this way the leader achieves the respect and admiration of the people they have had a beneficial effect on. A leader may be seen as heroic if the circumstance that they triumph over involves the real prospect of personal harm or death. ...read more.


* As a lawyer strove to use the non-violent methods advocated by Gandhi to end the apartheid. * As a fighter he began armed resistance against the dehumanising conditions under which his people lived. Despite his 27 years in prison and despite the appalling crimes committed against black and coloured South Africans, he encourages forgiveness and reconciliation between communities. He has sacrificed his youth and his private life for his people. His daughter Zinzi said that she grew up without a father, who when returned became the father of a nation. Mandela regards himself not as a messiah but as an ordinary man who became a leader because of extraordinary circumstances. "I stand before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. ...read more.


Among the guests at his party were Michael Jackson, David Beckham, and former US president, Bill Clinton. Later he found time to greet a group of disabled and sick children at his home. "I want you to be encouraged to know that, in spite of your disabilities you are still human beings and you have hopes and wishes like all of us" Nelson Mandela displayed the skills of a true leader as a lawyer and a fighter for justice. He demonstrated relentless energy and determination combined with true compassion for the rights of all people regardless of skin colour. His willingness to negotiate a peaceful transition to democracy in South Africa in the face of discrimination, imprisonment, and physical and emotional violence makes him a true leader and hero; and makes him inspirational to young people of today. ...read more.

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