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Nietzsche "God is Dead".

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Nietzsche "God is Dead" Nietzsche agreed with Schopenhauer that there is no God, and that we do not have immortal souls. He also agreed that this life of ours is a largely meaningless business of suffering and striving, driven along by an irrational force that we can call will. He also rejected Schopenhauer's view that this world is only a part, and what is more an unimportant part, of total reality: he believed it to be the whole. Furthermore, Nietzsche rejected Schopenhauer's conclusion that we should turn away in disgust from such a world, reject it, and withdraw from it. On the other contrary, he believed that we should live our lives to the full in it, and get everything we can out of it. According to Nietzsche, existing morals and values, derive very largely from ancient Greece plus Judaeo-Christian tradition, he says, which means they come from ...read more.


The imaginative, the daring, the creative, the bold, the courageous, the curious and brave, nature's leaders of all kinds, should be free, untrammelled by slave moralities - free to live life to the full and to fulfil themselves. Nietzsche called their drive to do this their "will to power", which he was thinking not only of politics or conquests but of cultural activities as well. "Superman" was the term given by Nietzsche to a human being who thus develops his maximum potential becomes a sort of super-human being. By this term Nietzsche meant not only people like Napoleon but also people like Luther and Goethe - even Socrates, who, although Nietzsche so powerfully disapproved of what he did, undeniably, carried out his life-project with immense personal strength and bravery. ...read more.


Indeed, Mussolini a present of the collected works of Nietzsche at their historic meeting on the Brenner Pass in 1938. The Nazis themselves, in their propaganda, made repeated use of Nietzsche's words, such as "superman" and the "will to power". He has become to be regarded as the representative voice of Fascist philosophy by both Fascists and their opponents. Many elements of Nietzsche's philosophy were misappropriated by the Fascists and Nazis before World War II. The Fascists is to power in Italy was due mainly to extreme poverty and in Germany the Nazis preyed upon people's fears caused by a weak civilian democracy. There were many aspects of Fascism that Nietzsche despised including nationalism and state authority: but his name is inextricably linked with Fascism in people's minds. Amir Farooq 1 ...read more.

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