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" No Christian should ever have an abortion."

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Essay " No Christian should ever have an abortion." This statement is very controversial - people can believe it completely or can have doubts. It all depends on which branch of Christianity you are a part of. The Roman Catholic Church is the firmest believer in this statement. They do not consider abortion any different from infanticide - when a parent murders their child. They believe that abortion is a very serious crime, and that it should be punished by law. Because of this firm standing against abortion, it is not unusual for a catholic family to have lots of children. They believe that, no matter the circumstances, the pregnancy should be seen through. If you are a Roman Catholic, then you are supposed to believe that abortion should be punished by law. ...read more.


They agree that abortion is a sin, as it is killing a human being, but they also say that to withdraw compassion is also a sin, so both sides of the argument should be considered. The UK Methodists' point of view is very similar to that of the Church of England's. They realise that the feelings of the mother of the unborn child must be considered. They consider abortion an evil, but say that sometimes it is the lesser of two evils. They also make the valid point of saying that it is best for abortion to remain legal and controlled, rather than it being illegalised again and women resorting to back-street abortions, where the process is a danger to the health of the mother. ...read more.


There are always two sides to every argument. There may be some Roman Catholics who, because of their religion, are made to firmly disagree with abortion, but personally, they do not think that it is as great a sin as the church says it is. They may find themselves in a dilemma, being pulled one way by the church, and another by their own opinions. I do not think that just because you belong to a certain branch of Christianity, that you should have the same beliefs about everything as your church. By all means, listen to what your church has to say on the issue, and listen to other peoples' points of view. This will help you to form an opinion of your own, not that of your church or of other people. Louise Jones ...read more.

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