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No Religious person can agree with abortion. Discuss

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No Religious person can agree with abortion. Discuss: Natalie Onions Mrs. Kauffman's class Abortion is the termination of the life of a foetus. It was legalised in 1967, and then amended in 1990. The main reason that it was legalised was to stop backstreet abortion which often led to death of the mother. All religions believe that life is a gift from God, and so it belongs to God. This is known as the sanctity of life. People have different ideas on when life actually begins. Some believe it is at birth, some say it is at conception, while others believe it to be at some point during the pregnancy. ...read more.


The child may be unwanted by the mother in this case and so it is seen as the best thing for both mother and child. If the child would be severely handicapped at birth, an abortion is permitted as it may be the lesser of two evils id the child's quality of life would be worse than death. Both Christian's and non-religious people believe that the mothers life should come first and so if the mother will be at risk in child birth, the pregnancy is aborted if this is the mothers wish. The Christian beliefs mentioned are based on the teachings of Jesus. He taught to love your neighbour and abortion may be the most loving thing to do. ...read more.


The Qu'uran teaches them "never kill your children" As you can see from the above, some religious people can agree with abortion. They all believe in the sanctity of life, but some can make allowances in the right circumstances. In my opinion, abortion should be allowed in the right circumstances. It can improve the quality of life if the mother is a victim of rape or is too young. I am not particularly religious and so I don't necessarily believe in the sanctity of life. I agree with the law of abortion which states that an abortion is not allowed after 24 weeks unless the mother's life is at risk. I believe that abortion should be allowed but not used as an alternative form of contraception. ...read more.

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