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Not Just a Stammered Kid an Inspiration

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Not Just a Stammered Kid an Inspiration It was the Christmas of 1997 and my cousins and I were visiting our grandmother in the country. The trip to her house took quite a while. The road was long and narrow and had many cork screw bends. Occasionally villagers were seen standing in groups drinking beer, playing board games or engaged in mere social conversations. As we drove past each group, it was as if each member of the group took turns looking into our car. It was so weird, I started to wonder if it were the first they were seeing a car. By the time we approached Grandma's drive way I was feeling quite drained. Then all of a sudden! Out of the blue! A boy popped out of the bushes and came up to our window? "Ggo..goo....goo..good....affa..Afternoon." Now I seriously just could not help myself, I was cracking up. First of all I was frightened, secondly the boy could not speak and last but certainly not least, you should have seen him! He had scraggy brown hair which was, of course, poorly groomed. ...read more.


It was my intention to greet him with a hand shake, but after recognizing his condition I thought a hello and a merry Christmas would be just fine. With a big smile on my face I introduced myself. He barely glanced at me. Determined to find out what this kid was about, I continued the conversation first by apologizing, and then asking for his forgiveness. He was still ignoring me. The more I looked at the kid, the worst I felt. I then pleaded with him to forgive me and just speak to me. "Wh..Wha...What...yooo....what...you waaa....want." I told him how sorry I was and again I asked him for his forgiveness. After a little begging and pleading, he realized how sorry I was and began warming up to me. We sat on a rock together and we spoke and spoke and spoke for hours and hours. I completely lost track of time. Even though it was difficult to understand him, I tried my best and made do with the words that I could actually hear. He told me while his mother was pregnant, she went picking breadfruits in a grave yard and one of them fell on a grave and that's how he ended up with a speech defect. ...read more.


However, sadly my story does not end there. Five years later, I heard Christopher had been hit by a car. He never recovered from his injuries. I thought I had lost all my inspiration. However a couple years later in my life I realized that my strength and inspiration came from within; he just helped me bring it out. Admittedly, even though we only knew each other for a couple of days, I found it very hard to let go of him. Christopher had now become a piece of me. With all that I had learnt from him, I proved to myself that I can overcome adversity by myself. The knowledge and understanding which I gained from him are invaluable. I now know that nothing in life is guaranteed. It took lots of strength and courage to get past his death. Now I realize that I have been drawing on this strength and courage everyday. Of course, different aspects of my life have been touched, not only by his death, but the will he taught me while he was alive. However, I am happy to say that honestly my life has changed for the better. ...read more.

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