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On pilgrimage. Explain the significance and the symbolic meanings of what you did.

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RS1 - write a diary account regarding your experiences on pilgrimage. Explain the significance and the symbolic meanings of what you did. HAJJ DIARY 1st Dhu-el-Hijja DAY 1: Today I have had a really long day. I went out work and then out with some friends. I got home around 6:45 and found out that I was going on Hajj. Hajj is a very important Muslim pilgrimage and every Muslim must make this journey at least once in a lifetime. This is necessary because it is one of the five pillars of Islam. I asked my mum why I had to go and she answered that I have to go because of four main reasons: "I am Muslim (and all Muslims have to go on Hajj), secondly because I am sane (to go on hajj you must be sane and be able to make the journey) thirdly because I have passed the age of puberty and fourthly because it is my duty according this Verse from the holy Quran: "And Pilgrimage to the house is a duty on mankind to Allah for those who can find a way there" Quran 3: 196 To be totally honest, I am quite excited about the whole thing, I really want to go on this pilgrimage and deep down I feel privileged and spiritually awakened. Hajj, for me will develop both the spiritual and moral goals of Islam. 2nd Dhu-el-Hijja DAY 2:Today I went shopping AGAIN! But his time I went to buy the special white cloth which I will wear when I go on my pilgrimage. This white cloth is called "IHRAM". I bought my cloth from a fabric shop and I will now get it sewn up, so that I can wear it. Today I also found out who I will be going on Hajj with. I am going with my brother, the reason I am going with him is because I have to go with a male relative who I cannot marry. ...read more.


I noticed today that as there are so many people trying to stone the pillars a lot of people were actually getting hurt by other people's pebbles. I know that stones were not being thrown on purpose but I saw a couple of pilgrims that had been really badly injured. 12th Dhu-el-Hijja Day 12: today I circled the Kaaba for the final time, and I don't know why but I had tears in my eyes. I was very relaxed and prayed with all my heart. It was amazing today because even with the massive rush I managed to touch the sacred black stone for the second time in my Hajj. This has truly been a journey of lifetime that I will never ever forget. 7th March 2002 Well, I'm back at home now... but what a journey it was...magnificent. When I got to Heathrow, my family was there to meet me and my brother. When we got home though I was shocked, there were so many people. It is custom that people who have been on Hajj wait for people to call on them and people do, as it is considered to be a privilege to meet someone who has been on Hajj. I am now an al-hajjah and my brother is called an al-hajji. I unpacked in my room and gave everyone presents. Also everyone was given a couple of dates each which we had bought back and some holy water from the ZamZam well. It was a fun filled homecoming and I know that I will never ever forget my experience. I am religiously awakened and determined to be a good Muslim. CHRISTIAN PILGRIMAGE DIARY Day 1: today I woke up really early so that I could get to the airport in time. My flight was due to depart at 8:45 but it was delayed and I ended up getting on to the plane at 10:50, the flight from London Heathrow to Jerusalem took about two hours. ...read more.


A different amount of emphasis is placed on pilgrimage in different religions and this can also influence the value of pilgrimage to people. For instance in Islam, Pilgrimage to Mecca being one of the five pillars of the religion make Hajj an aim that many people want and try to achieve. It is likely that many Muslims will consider Hajj to be very important as in Islam this once in a lifetime pilgrimage is a substantial base of the religion. Another reason why Muslims believe pilgrimage to be important is that there is constant reference to the Hajj in the Islamic Holy Scriptures and the advantages of making this journey are also made known to the person as well as the consequence of not performing Hajj. This could make Muslims feel obliged to make the pilgrimage. However in religions like Christianity where the will to perform pilgrimage is left to the individual, only some individuals will make a pilgrimage to one of the many sacred Christian places. The reasons for this may include aspects like more people may believe that religion is a personal belief and that it is not necessary for them to make a journey to prove that they are good practising Christians. Another reason which could affect the number of people making pilgrimages is that Christianity is a religion that is split in to many different branches and so everyone has slightly different beliefs and this could mean that people may make pilgrimage to different places. Many people see life as a pilgrimage, as they believe that it is a journey with a purpose, passing through various different experiences from birth until death. Some people make the pilgrimage of life simply by living their life whereas other people will make religious pilgrimages as well. No matter what views an individual holds, they have the right to that view and the free will of choice to do as they please. Bhavika Patel 11DB Religious Studies Coursework ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Hajj section.

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