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On the 11th February 2002 we went on a church trial and an SELB bus was organised. Mrs Venard and Mrs Johnston accompanied us. We went on a church trial to see the differences in the Baptist and Catholic Church.

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Introduction On the 11th February 2002 we went on a church trial and an SELB bus was organised. Mrs Venard and Mrs Johnston accompanied us. We went on a church trial to see the differences in the Baptist and Catholic Church. First we went to the Baptist church where Pastor Dilworth talked to us. He talked about the simplicity of the church and the reasons for it. The church had no stain glass windows, no Stations of the Cross or ornaments. Baptists believe that people are the church of God, not the building therefore the building is plain and the word of god is concentrated on most. We then went to the Catholic Church. St Patrick's is built in gothic style. Literally everything points to heaven. The building is 125 years old and it was built in 1876. The church is very big and can hold up to 100 people. The church contains outstanding beautiful features. The stain glass windows are very impressive and show the life of Jesus and holy people like St Patrick. The church also has Caen marble, which is very beautiful. ...read more.


This is my body" (Matthew 26.26) Later he took the wine and passed it around his friends saying: "Drink from it all of you. For this is my blood, the blood of the covenant, shed for the forgiveness of sins" (Matthew 26.27-28) There is a basic difference between Catholic and Baptist believers. The Catholic Church teaches that Christ is 'present' in the bread and wine once they have been 'consecrated', (dedicated to God) by the priest. This means the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ (transubstantiation) and the service becomes a sacrifial re-enactment of the actual death of Jesus The Baptist Church believe Holy Communion is an act of remembrance through which they can arrive at a deeper understanding and appreciation of what the death of Jesus was all about. The bread and wine remain as symbols, which are able to help, and prompt them words that deeper understanding. * Baptistery / Font Originally the term 'baptism' was applied to sheep that were dipped beneath the water to kill any parasites attached to their bodies. When the term was applied to the baptism of people in the Christian Church the same idea was carried forward and given a spiritual meaning - the dipping of people under the water to cleanse them from their sins. ...read more.


Baptists believe you should chose to be baptised but Catholics see it as becoming a member of the Church. My Design My church is in a circular shape to represent eternal life and equality. There are also large steps, which lead to the entrance; the high steps show that you are walking up towards the Lord. As you enter the Church you will see a table of candles, this fills you with hope and light as soon as you come in. In the church there is a baptistery, this is because I believe it should be your own choice to get baptised, as Jesus had his own choice. The lectern is in the centre because I believe the word of god is most important. The stain glass windows show the life of Jesus and the table of flowers represent the beauty of life and nature. There is also an organ because singing is a very important act of worship. I have a communion table in order to set aside time to remember God and all that he has done for us. All in all I have tried to produce a church that is homely and comfortable to the members. This is because they should look upon the church as their home. ...read more.

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