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One Sacrament and the Roman Catholic Attitude To This Sacrament - Confirmation

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SACRAMENTS I have been asked to choose one sacrament and explain the Roman Catholic attitude to this sacrament and suggest how a Roman Catholic should live this out. Throughout this coursework I will use references from the bible and what the Roman Catholic Church teaches also. The seven sacraments are; Baptism, Penance, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders and the anointing of the sick. I have chosen to write about confirmation because it is the last sacraments I received and I believe it is the most important. The sacrament confirmation is related to Baptism because confirmation is seen to be a top-up of baptism. When Baptism brings a new birth into the Roman Catholic Church, Confirmation strengthens this birth, by receiving the fullness of spirit and his gifts so the Christian can live up to the responsibilities assumed at Baptism. Confirmation helps us to be closer to Jesus. Our Godparents made a promise for us at Baptism, and at confirmation we make a promise yourself to show our faith in God. If Baptism is the sacrament of re-birth to a new and supernatural life, Confirmation is the sacrament of maturity and coming of age. ...read more.


Just as he came to the Apostles on Pentecost day, he says, "Send down your Holy Spirit upon them, to be their helper and guide. Give them the Spirit of WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, the Spirit of RIGHT JUDGEMENT AND COURAGE, the Spirit of KNOWLEDGE and REVERENCE. Fill them with the Spirit of WONDER and AWE in your presence." These gifts are given in Confirmation and the sign used is the laying on of hands THE OIL OF CHRISM The bishop sign the candidate's forehead with the sign of the cross in oil, the oil of Chrism. The religious meaning of oil is very important. It is an important sign that a person is being set aside for a special tasic. The sign of the sweet-swelling Chrism represents the loving relationship, which a Christian has with God the Father. THE SIGN OF THE CROSS The cross is a special sign of the Christian. It shows a mark of ownership that God approves. THE SIGN OF PEACE This symbol often is used to represent the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit symbolises the peace with the nations was to express Gods peace with everyone. ...read more.


APOSTOLIC ORDERS: They lead a public life of prayer, sick, teaching, poor and elderly and community work. His works with Notre Dame De Namur for women and Christian Brothers for men. All religious men and women are consecrated to God by three vows. These are: ? Poverty ? Chastity ? Obedience These vows are called evangelical counsels. Not everyone is called to consecrate their lives in that way so they are called counsels, as they are not commands, they are gifts. In conclusion from writing this piece of coursework I have found that confirmation is more important that I thought it was. People have became very important people in the Catholic Church because they have spent they life as a Lay Person or a Religious Congregations because of their Confirmation. I also have found out that I can do things because I am a full member of the Catholic Church and had Confirmation. I can do hidden things or I could be a married or single Lay person and serve God. I am glad that I chose Confirmation because I wouldn't have researched this and found out how important Confirmation is to me and others by what they do in public and by themselves. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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