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"Only God has the right to interfere with our genes"

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"Only God has the right to interfere with our genes" Do you agree? Give reasons for your opinion, showing you have considered another point of view. In your answer you should refer to religious teaching. Genetic engineering is the deliberate modification of the characteristics of an organism by the manipulation of the genetic material. People wish to do this in order to wipe out or cure genetic diseases such as Huntington's disease and Cystic Fibrosis. Stem-cell research on this is permitted in England, but is illegal in the USA. This is a major issue in many places, as different people have different views on the subject. Not all of them are religious, but some people believe that "only God has the right to interfere with our genes", due to their religious beliefs. People are very concerned about this issue. In the bible it is written "Consider what God has done: who can straighten what he has made crooked?" ...read more.


This is because Jesus was a healer, and taught that Christians should do their best to help and heal others. It is written in the bible "heal the sick" and therefore Christians should. Also, they believe that as God's stewards part of our duty is to improve the quality of life for all and make the world a better place. Liberal Protestants agree with genetic engineering for healing disease but not for creating designer babies. I agree with this view. Some Muslims disagree with genetic engineering. This is because they believe that the genetic code of an individual is determined by God and only God can alter it. Attempting to is committing the most unforgivable sin (shirk) of trying to act as God. Also, they too believe that life begins at conception and therefore research on embryos is murder, just like abortion. ...read more.


The law should be made on other grounds and religious people should do as they believe, within the law. I agree with genetic engineering in order to cure genetic diseases, but am opposed to research into creating the perfect human. I would not recommend someone to have a designer baby because there are issues such as is the baby going to be treated as a commodity, just an organ donor for a sick sibling. Screening for diseases such as Tay Sachs is a good idea, as it prevents suffering and pain in the future, but choosing a child on eye colour or intelligence is, in my opinion, morally wrong. This may also cause offence to the Jewish religion, for the Holocaust was Hitler's way of trying to create a perfect race, all blonde haired, blue eyed and not disabled. If we choose our children on the colour of their eyes or their intelligence, are we not guilty of doing as Hitler did? ?? ?? ?? ?? Claire Watkins 07/07/07 RE Coursework ...read more.

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