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Oral Assignment Have you ever felt life was helpless?

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English speaking and Listening Have you ever felt life was helpless? Have you ever lost all hope? Have you ever wondered weather God had abandoned you, leaving you to face this world alone? I have. Who am I? My name is Antonio. It means .....I am now an orphan. No mother, no father. My parents passed away, leaving me at nine years of age, along with my sister.... My mother died of a disease. I don't even know what it was called. The death of my mother tore us apart. Life was different after her death and it was difficult for us to move on. There were some, like my father, who were never able to accept it. This pain, causing him to die, leaving his two children behind. Both of our parents are now gone. ...read more.


At the age of eleven. I remember her crying to me. Crying to her little brother. Telling me her life was over. She told me she could never have this child. She was only a child herself. For the fact that she was raped. Abortion was illegal in Brazil, but my sister felt as if she had no other choice. I begged and pleaded with her, but she only answered, ' Who are you? What do you know? Do you know what I'm going through?' I couldn't answer her. My sister, like other young women in Brazil, died as a result of an illegal abortion. This was when I knew I was on my own. Often, I asked myself, was life actually worth living? Was there any point, any point of me being alive, striving for survival? You may have wondered how I got to where I am right now. I think it was God. ...read more.


For young women, like my sister, born into this area, their only choices of survival without education are prostitution or domestic jobs. Us children, generally left alone, where we are often abused, raped, go hungry, or live in the streets, like me. This is very risky, as many of us would be nabbed and shoved into the trunk of the van. Some were murdered and mutilated for their organs, especially eyes, lungs, hearts and livers. Their discarded bodies were tossed outside the walls for municipal cemeteries. Others were sold. How could you sell another human being? For we are all priceless. Life itself is worth more that silver and gold. Isn't it? Here am I right now, staring into the sky with tears being dislodged from my eyes. I ask myself, Is there a future ahead of me? Is there something waiting for me? Is there any help? Who knows? But as I go off into this endless sky, to fall, or to fly. Abiola Adeogun ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Prejudice and Discrimination section.

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