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Ordained ministries

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Ordained ministries Thomas Kee 7/10 To join your ordained ministry is another way to serve as a Christian disciple. A lot of thought must be given before someone decides to join the ordained ministry because it involves a lifetime of devotion to God, " Follow me and I will make you fishers of men," Matthew 4v19 Like the disciples many sacrifices have to be made to become a member of the ordained ministry, you must not have any sexual relationships or get married. This is because being in the ordained ministry requires total love for God and members can put all their energy into doing God's work. The first stage is when a man becomes a deacon. ...read more.


The next step for some is to become a bishop In the Roman, a bishop is an ecclesiastic who, through sacramental consecration, holds special powers of the ministry as well as special administrative prerogatives. Consecration to the order of bishop is usually performed by three bishops (one of them a metropolitan), this number having been customary from post apostolic times. The bishop is supreme ecclesiastical ruler of the diocese over which he presides. He is responsible for the spiritual welfare of all the faithful, both clergy and laity, and for the government of all ecclesiastical institutions within his diocese. He has the power to ordain bishops, priests, and deacons. He is the ordinary minister of the sacrament of confirmation. The next step is to become an archbishop. Archbishop have jurisdiction over an ecclesiastical province. ...read more.


At 80 they are no longer permitted to serve as papal electors. The next step is to become a pope, Pope, in Latin, papa, from the Greek pappas, meaning "father", a Christian Besides the designation pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church also holds these titles: vicar of Christ; successor of St Peter; supreme pontiff of the universal Church; patriarch of the West; primate of Italy; archbishop and metropolitan of the Roman province; sovereign of the State of Vatican City; and servant of the servants of God. " Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires." Matthew 5v10 People in the ordained ministry help others in the church and out of the church by standing up and defending the church and listening and acting out everything God wanted us to do. ...read more.

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